GOG release: “The Surge”

Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive‘s futuristic mech action-brawler The Surge makes a bloody splash on GOG.

After the German developer’s games Ankh – Anniversary Edition, Venetica – Gold Edition, and Wartile have made their long-overdue appearance on the DRM-free store and proved that the company knows how to tackle different genres, The Surge is yet another example of how it can change its approach to game design.

Taking place in a complex that is focused on robotics, the player takes charge of his exoskeleton after a catastrophic explosion has destroyed parts of the facility. Now it’s time to survive in a world gone mad, with robots, augmented co-workers and rogue A.I. doing everything to take the hero down. Unlike so many mech games in which firepower is key, melee combat becomes much more prevalent, which can result in some bloody encounters with visceral imagery when severing limbs of opponents that can also be used for weapon upgrades and leveling up. It all sounds a bit silly, but also a lot of fun.

The Surge was originally released in May 2017 (with a sequel coming soon) and is now available on GOG with a 70% launch discount that will last until August 16th, 1pm UTC. There’s also an Augmented Edition that includes all the expansions and DLC with a 50% discount.

Official website

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