Past gaming events: gamescom 2019 (quick overview with social media)

After two days of devcom 2019, gamescom 2019 opened its doors to the press and later the general public in Cologne, and while trying to recuperate, I’ll share some (social media) impressions of the past 4 days as a teaser for more article-things to come.

The devcom 2019 overview with social media was a good way to provide some short information about the event, even if it will take some time for the full article to be published here. The same holds true with the latest gamescom, even more so because of a tight press appointment schedule and an even more crowded consumer area trip yesterday.

Fortunately I found a way (and even some time) to share some updates with EMR’s Twitter page AND EMR’s Facebook page, even if the synchronization thing didn’t work anymore and I had to post the Facebook updates manually again. Anyway, with so much going on (and so much to write about and so many photos to select), this Twitter summary should give you an idea of what was going on both in the business and public areas from August 20-23.

August 20

On my way to @gamescom, excited about day 1 of #gamescom2019 in the business area

Not yet on #gamescom2019 site due to queues also for press? What is happening?

Now finally on #gamescom venue and heading to first appointment with @TripwireInt for #Maneater

Now at @CDPROJEKTRED’ @CyberpunkGame #Cyberpunk2077 presentation at #gamescom2019

Now at Polish Pavilion @gamescom trying out some #indiegames

Heading to @WiredP #WiredProductions at #gamescom2019 for 5 games

Now @Modus_Games for #Trine4,#CrisTales,#Remothered #GoingPorcelain at #gamescom2019

Final appointments of today with @kalypsomedia at #gamescom2019

August 21

On the way to #gamescom2019, second day, very early without trains packed full of people and with hopefully faster entry to the venue later

You know #gamescom2019 is open to the general public if you’re listening to a bunch of kids constantly using the f-word for super-coolness.

At #gamescom2019 venue, but press is not allowed to enter yet. Oh well… good thing I didn’t make any appointments too early.

Finally on #gamescom2019 venue and heading to #indiebooth

Heading to @TripwireInt for #gamescom2019 press appointment #Espire1 #VR #Operative

Now at #gamescom2019 UK booth for #NoStraightRoad

Next up at #gamescom: @daedalic

Next stop at #gamescom2019: @THQNordic

Finally something to eat, even warm, thx to @THQNordic at #gamescom2019.

Next at #gamescom: @R8Games with #Pacer

Now at @revbot (revolution software) with @CharlesCecil for last #gamescom2019 appointment of today

August 22

On the way to #gamescom2019 for third and final day of press appointments. Tomorrow finally consumer areas.

So far it seems that going to Cologne #gamescom by train has been the most relaxed without throngs of people crowding it.

On #gamescom2019 venue, this time trying north entrance. At least less chaotic but still waiting with rest of press to get inside now.

Had a very quick look at @SQUARE_ENIX_EU’ #FinalFantasyVIIRemake and #Chocobo #boardgame at #gamescom2019

Been at @SGDAch (#Swissgames) #gamescom booths for #KoliseumSoccerVR and #AVA

Now at @Klabater #KlabaterGames for #CrossroadsInn

Thx to @Klabater for an awesome #cookbook and a very cool game at #gamescom

Now #HelpWillComeTomorrow @Klabater at #gamescom

Now #Skyhill #BlackMist at @Klabater #gamescom2019

Thx,@Klabater, for the beer and goodies at #gamescom2019

Had a really nice talk with @GOGcom at #gamescom2019. Keep up the good work and thx for the goodies bag

Thx to @tct_adventures presenting their game #Solasta #CrownoftheMagister at #gamescom2019

Had a blast playing @devolverdigital’s and @LeCartelStudio’s #multiplayer #coop #game #HeaveHo at #gamescom2019

Had a blast with @Dotemu’s @Windjammers 2 at #gamescom2019. Thx for the hamburger,too!

Now final presentation and game for business are at #gamescom2019: @Modus_Games’ @ArySeasons #AryandtheSecretoftheSeasons

August 23

On the way to #gamescom2019 consumer area with crowded train

Now finally on #gamescom2019 venue after lots of outdoor walking/sightseeing

Now playing @SQUARE_ENIX_EU’s #Chocobo #PartyUp! #boardgame at #gamescom2019

Short break at #Netflix chill area at #gamescom2019, with #StrangerThings and #DarkCrystal #games. But sandwich is more interesting.

Played @starrenegades and @CreatureWell at #XBoxOne #gamescom2019 booth

Played @SEGA’s 1995 #SegaRally arcade cabinet version at #gamescom2019

Played #Spacebase #Startopia on PC and #tropico6 on #XBoxOne at @kalypsomedia #gamescom2019 booth

Had a great hands-on with #MonkeyKingHeroIsBack,#Biomutant and #Desperados3 at @THQNordic #gamescom2019 booths

Also played the fun #DarksidersGenesis and #SpongebobSquarepants #BattleforBikiniBottomRehydrated games at @THQNordic #gamescom2019 booths

Goodbye to #gamescom2019,thx to all the publishers, developers and PR people for some great games and even greater conversations in 4 days

So yeah, lots of cool stuff has happened during the week and even if it will take a lot of writing work and time to give it the full articles treatment, I’m looking forward to remember all the good games and talks with people at gamescom 2019. Thanks in advance to all the PR people I’ve been in touch with for making these press appointments possible!

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