Game release: “Archeo: Shinar” (PC)

Artists Entertainment‘s turn-based strategy game Archeo: Shinar brings players to a closer understanding of archeology.

Mixing turn-based strategy with people and resources management, the game offers an interesting and also funny take on the theme of archeology, as it’s not an Indiana Jones adventure, but shows a look behind the scenes with the man or woman organizing and coordinating everything. This obviously has its advantages, as one doesn’t have to risk one’s own life and just makes others do the digging work. The game offers a preparation period with turn-based and the expeditions with real-time strategy elements, but with a sense of humor thrown into the mix.

One has to hire personnel and also care for these people, so that they’re up to the expedition task. Of course one has to have both money and reputation to stay at the top of the archeology game. Being a game, as in real life, there’s also competition, so it’s vital to be fast in discovering new sites. Playing together with up to 4 people on one computer can be fun, too. There’s not only something to learn about history, but also about the real life of archeologists and what they have to cope with, including mental illnesses, addictions, thievery, slavery, paradigms, tribal mentality, corruption, pride, and murder. All in all, this is a game that shows just how hard it can be to make history and a living at the same time.

The game is now out of the in development/early access period and available on PC with a 20% launch discount that will last until September 18th, 5pm UTC.

Buy the base game for PC on

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