GOG celebrates 11th anniversary with 5 new games and promo sale

11 years of DRM-free gaming goodness is reason enough for GOG to celebrate, including the return of some classic games.

While 11 might not have the same bang as a 10, 20, and so on, it’s still great to see GOG take this opportunity and give older games a lease of new life. Starting with XIII, this FPS based on the French comic book series still remains a unique experience thanks to its engaging double agent storyline and cel-shaded comic book look. DUSK offers classic 90ies fast-paced FPS action in the vein of DOOM, even though it was only released last year. Chasm provides some action-adventure platformer fun with great pixel art, while cyberpunk RPG Mars: War Logs and sci-fi RPG The Technomancer (which is funnily enough also set on Mars) showcase what Spiders were capable of good role-playing extravaganza (and still are, considering the interesting devcom 2019 talk).

All these games have individual launch discounts that will last until October 10th, 1 PM UTC. Check out the following trailers for more info:

If these games aren’t to your liking, you might head over to the GOG staff picks which include all sorts of genres from various gaming eras. These discounts will be valid until October 7th, 1 PM UTC.

Of course a birthday is never as good as the guests who are invited. In order to join in the fun, GOG has asked people to drop the titles of their favorite games available on GOG and those they want to see in future in the comments section or on Twitter via the #My11Games hashtag. Let’s hope that all those forgotten classics that should be played by everyone will make an appearance soon!

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