Game release: “Asterix and Obelix XXL 3 – The Crystal Menhir” (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

OSome Studio‘s and Microids‘ action-adventure Asterix and Obelix XXL 3 – The Crystal Menhir brings the French comic characters to life once again.

The comic series about a small Gaul village defending itself against the mighty Roman empire with its inhabitants drinking a power potion needs no introduction, so let’s go straight to the main plot. This is about village druid Getafix receiving a mysterious letter from Avina Gandrin, priestess of Thule, who wants to have the Menhir Crystal taken away from where it’s hidden. As is usually the case, it’s magic and has immense power, so it’s up to Asterix and Obelix to carry the burden, quite literally, and beat up a few Roman along the way.

The crystal inhabits powers that can be used to defeat enemies or solve puzzles, e.g. with ice, fire, or magnetism. The main gameplay mechanics are still about lots of action, only this time one can do it with a friend in the two-player co-op mode, a first for the series. The game certainly looks the comic part with its cartoon aesthetics, so fans of the series or anyone who’s into chaotic but fun action-adventure shenanigans will have a blast, too.

The game is out now on PC as well as PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, although it’s only available in digital form on PC and in retail form on consoles. This doesn’t apply to the UK or US versions, though, the former of which only being available as pre-orders, and actually no US version having been announced yet. There’s also a 10% launch discount that will last until November 28, at 9 AM UTC. In addition, if one buys it before November 28, 8:00 UTC, one will receive the Legionnaire Outfit and Viking Outfit DLC for free.

Buy the digital version for PC on

Buy the retail version for PS4 on
Amazon Germany

Buy the retail version for Xbox One on
Amazon Germany

Buy the retail version for Nintendo Switch on
Amazon Germany

Official website

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