New additions to the media collection in October 2019

October 2019 was another great month for a mixed collection of movies, games, and also a new/old console.

Both the EDGE and Retrogamer magazine arrived, which was a good thing. Unfortunately the EDGE mag was completely ripped on the back, so again time for a replacement…

I don’t know how many TIE-Fighters one can build before the whole shelf is full, but as there are usually hundreds of them flying around in the movies, that’s okay.

Not sure if I have the resources, time or even motivation to collect 70ies stuff, as it’s not my era of interest, but the 90ies were a very cool decade indeed.

All things retro and lots of Nintendo/Mario love with these magazines.

Finally the The Walking Dead saga is done and as is to be expected, it’s not on the same par as what came before (at least after having read half of book), but still much better than the TV show, that’s for sure. Ah, Masters of the Universe, He-Man, Skeleton, my childhood relived again in a very thick comic book collection.

I didn’t own the console, but played various games in the Ultimate Sega Mega Drive Collection on Xbox 360. Still, holding a controller like this in one’s hand is a different story. Great selection of games and unlike the NES and SNES Mini consoles (see New additions to the media collection in June 2018), it’s not as expensive and in limited supply.

Thanks to the SPIEL ’19 trade fair, these were some new board/card game acquisitions, although if I would have had the time, money, and perseverance, this could have been much more.

Back to some digital games, in this case the return of a pink fluff ball in 3D.

More LEGO shenanigans and the awesome Rare Replay collection for Xbox One.

I missed out on the second and third game on the PS Vita or DS, but the original 999 was quite good, even if it didn’t live up to all the hype.

Batman in VR and the almighty Shadow of the Colossus gloriously remade for the PS4.

Next up: movies, starting with action.

Some adventure silliness, but it’s nothing compared to…

… this weird movie that has received a very impressive media book, as can be seen in the following photos.

A classic animation movie I remember to be not really suitable for kids.

Some might call these comedies dumb, but these promise a good time of entertainment. The Slammin’ Salmon is again a stroke of genius by the Broken Lizard guys who always seem to surprise the audience with over-the-top slapstick and rude behavior.

I really love these VHS cover versions of some classic movies, be it comedy or any other genre. Can’t quite remember to have watched Neighbors, but Who’s Harry Crumb? seemed to have been pretty funny back in the days.

Not much a fan of (anti) war movies, but I still believe in Mel Gibson’s cinema magic that hopefully works for this title, too.

Also not much of a crime/cop thriller aficionado, but the mediabook was rather cheap and I think I saw/liked it in the past.

The books were fun and the first fantasy movie was also pretty good, especially since I watched it on my birthday many years ago in the oldest cinema of the UK, in Birmingham.

What would a month of collecting be without horror movies? Sequels seemed to be quite numerous, although the quality wasn’t the best. Children of the Corn: Runaway was rather boring, while Hellraiser: Judgement had a great, sick start, but somehow lost it along the way. While The Howling might be considered to be a classic for werewolf movies, I barely kept my eyes open, which changed with the trash sequel I bought as an Arrow Video release and which was much more entertaining.

Much tougher horror to swallow…

I’ve already reviewed all the Anaconda movies in this creature feature special and even if the third and fourth one are quite terrible, the release looks very cool, although unfortunately the booklet was glued to the inlay, resulting in some paper ripping…

Roland Emmerich started out small, but he was still good at sci-fi entertainment. Not sure about the movie Ridley Scott produced, as I have my reservations about his vision after the Alien: Covenant catastrophe.

More 3D movie fodder, including the excellent Detective Pikachu movie I finally got to watch with… but that’s another story for next month!

Looking forward to The Meg on a big… ah, I’m not telling yet!

I haven’t bought many TV shows lately, but American Horror Story definitely belongs to the more memorable ones after having reviewed the individual seasons in various Netflix watchlists.

The same holds true for Ash vs Evil Dead that was one of the best Amazon Prime shows in a while. Hopefully the sales of this box set brings in more money for a sequel… but it’s not looking good for the man with the chainsaw as a hand to return, unfortunately.

Moving on to DVDs and starting with some silly action.

Followed by sillier comedies.

If you thought Germany is all about Goethe and art movies, then you haven’t watched these…

Despite being disliked by some because of all the soap opera drama elements, I always found the cases of Ally McBeal original, the humor great, and the music top-notch.

Not quite sure if I liked this Lars von Trier TV series, as I don’t remember much of it, but the mix of comedy, horror, drama, soap opera, thriller and so on sounds more than just a little bit intriguing.

It’s sad to end the collection photo gallery with this Terry Pratchett special after the author’s death, but it reminds you how precious time and life can be.

With all these movies, games, and other media added every month, it’s difficult to keep up writing about them and actually watching/playing/reading them. But still I’ll try my best. There’s been a lot of teasing going on about 3D, so expect something pretty big for next time… which also includes a few books too many!

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Being an avid gamer, cinemaniac, and bookworm in addition to other things the internet and new media present, I'm also very much into DIY music, rock and pop in particular. Writing short or longer pieces about anything that interests me has always made me happy. As both an editor for German website "Adventure-Treff" and UK website "Future Sack", I like to write reviews and news about recent developments in the movies, games and book industry.
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