Netflix watchlist: February 2020

Netflix in February offered less Marvel action than expected.

TV shows:
Luke Cage (Season 2) [3/10]

Almost 3 years ago I watched the first season of Luke Cage and wasn’t really blown away by it (as can be read in the Netflix watchlist: June 2017 article). The reason was that having an almost indestructible hero didn’t make for an exciting experience. Season 2 uses the same formula of depicting the Harlem community with a strong sense of togetherness, putting Cage on a celebrity pedestal that is already quite ridiculous, and featuring overlong songs of African American artists in a club, while the main storyline focuses on gang wars. While it’s commendable to have the Jamaican community play a big part, this doesn’t add much to originality or suspense. To put it blandly: The show is as boring as it can be, trying to be cool with its gangster style, but having too much talking and not enough action sequences. What one is left with is an uninspired tale of revenge and gang fights in which the main character remains as uninteresting as he was before.

The Marvel TV show format has shown signs of wear and tear for too long, and Luke Cage is the best example of how coolness doesn’t necessarily mean interesting. However, there’s still hope with other shows, as they can’t get any worse than this one.

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