Epic Games Store free games: “Offworld Trading Company” and “GoNNER”

Epic Games Store gives away two more games for free: Mohawk Games‘/Stardock Entertainment‘s space management RTS game Offworld Trading Company and Art in Heart’s/Raw Fury‘s psychedelic platformer GoNNER.

Offworld Trading Company is a relatively friendly approach to the RTS genre which is usually about gathering resources and then destroying the enemy. In this case, one tries to get ahead of the competition on the colonized planet of Mars. This means one still has to collect as many resources as possible, but then think about which goods one wants to build and ultimately sell offworld. Business can be as harsh as the environment where it takes place, as sabotaging other companies is as much part of this business simulation game as thinking about the planet’s hazards.

I’ve already discussed GoNNER in this release news, so suffice to say that while it’s another roguelike platformer, its crazy presentation should be reason enough to give it a go, even if it means many tries due to its high difficulty.

Both games can now be added to the Epic Games Store account for free until March 12, 2020, at 4:00 PM.

Official Offworld Trading Company website

Official GoNNER Website

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