Disney+ watchlist: May 2020

Disney+ in May 2020 had a very special Star Wars TV show that ended up especially wrong.

TV shows:
The Mandalorian [3/10]

After the rather disappointing Episode VII: The Force Awakens and only mildly entertaining Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, hopes were not very high for The Mandalorian, although it seems a lot of old-school Star Wars fans have embraced it with open arms to be the best thing that could have happened to the franchise. In short: the hype hides one of the worst endeavors it could have gotten. A main character who doesn’t know what he wants or does (cold-hearted bounty hunter or babysitter), a Baby Yoda-like creature that is not Baby Yoda and is in no way used for commercial reasons, even though its face can be seen on every shirt, mug, and advertisement, without having much of a back story or presence in the movie. Then there’s an absolutely terrible soundtrack that tries to use Western music and a cacophony of other synth instruments, plus action scenes that don’t make much sense most of the time, just as the timeline is as messed up as the mythology itself. Add forgettable characters, a storyline that is both boring and nonsensical with the only conclusion that most will be explained in the next season(s), and you’ve got yourself a loser in almost all cinematic or narrative categories. Congratulations, Disney, you outdid yourself with the final nail in the George Lucas legacy coffin!

It’s amazing to think that once upon a time in a far away galaxy, there were only three sci-fi movies that were enough to excite people with their storylines, characters, and action set-pieces… and after George Lucas ruined it a bit with his prequels, no one (not even a die hard Star Wars fan like myself back in the days), would have thought that it would come to this: a TV show with great production values but zero content and entertainment. Oh well…

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