Past gaming events: gamescom 2020, Day 3

The third day of gamescom 2020 on Saturday, August 29, brought many more games thanks to the Indie Arena Booth Online and gamescom now Partners sites.

[Photo: koelnmesse]

The trailer for the Indie Arena Booth line-up of games promised both unique visuals and gameplay, but as it was the first online version, it held many more surprises.

After having created my own Emotional Multimedia Ride avatar on Indie Arena Booth Online, I started my exploration of many booths on various floors. Unlike gamescom’s own offerings, this MMORPG was a much better imitation of the real thing, as one could meet and talk to other visitors or developers. One could even create a party and explore the venue together. It was too bad that one couldn’t play games without having a Steam account and downloading demos. There were also a few technical problems with some links not working properly, but all in all it was a great experience, as one could watch trailers and receive some information about developers and publishers.

Silvernode Studios‘ noir adventure game Nine Noir Lives showed how weird a cat’s life can be, as investigating a case also involves a lot of licking all sorts of other (cat) people.

After having already visited the gamescom now page the day before, going to Application Systems Heidelberg‘s booth was obviously a no-brainer, even though I didn’t have the time to play any games. But discovering a free game hidden in the environment was a nice touch for those curious enough to check every nook and cranny. The virtual booth also didn’t shy away to display a gravestone for a departed person very dear to the publisher.

ROCKFISH Games‘ space sim EVERSPACE 2 impressed with some amazing graphics, making the return to the classic genre such a sweet deal.

It seems that every time I try to talk with Mixtvision about their games, something unexpected happens, usually that I don’t have time (see devcom 2019, Day 2, gamescom 2019, Day 2, and gamescom 2019, Day 4), but it’s always a pleasure to have a quick glimpse at their stunning titles, like kaleidoscube‘s puppeteer platformer A Juggler’s Tale.

It’s been a while since I wrote about upcoming Daedalic Entertainment‘s titles (except for The Suicide of Rachel Foster and Iron Danger), but it’s nice to see that there aren’t only adventure games or RPGs, as Indoor Astronaut‘s railroad co-op multiplayer title Unrailed was something different.

HandyGames might not have the most memorable name, but the publisher sure knows how to pick lots of charming or weird games.

The Wild Gentlemen’s noir adventure game with animals, Chicken Police, was certainly the strangest offering.

Thunderful Games was another stop where one could bathe in the bone-crunching quiet of Megagon Industries‘s physics-based bike racing game Lonely Mountains.

Anshar Studios is always good for surprises, as the VR experiences Telefrag and Detached on the second day of gamescom 2018 proved, but Gamedec was a showcase of something even more exciting, as it was an RPG without any combat, which was more about investigation and decision-making in a cyberpunk setting.

Before watching the Awesome Indies live show, I had to retweet this Comedy Central fun video shared by Zelda Gif World about Nintendo’s treatment of its franchises, probably because the company was completely absent from gamescom this year.

Watching Awesome Indies was sadly what I was expecting: a very immature representation of indie titles that was even more cringeworthy than the Keighley Opening Night show, but at least there were some highlights to pick from the bad jokes and in between the slew of annoying commercials.

Writing about every game mentioned in the show was impossible, as my hands started to hurt from writing tweets, but Exbleative‘s space ship flight experience EXO ONE, Chameleon Games 3D action-platformer Tamarin, Hopoo Games‘ 3D action survival game Risk of Rain 2, and EXOR Studios‘ RTS/RPG survival mix The Riftbreaker had quite a lot to offer.

Monokel‘s film noir puzzle-platformer White Shadows, Clover Bite’s action-adventure RPG GRIME, and One More Level‘s FPP (first-person perspective, one learns a new thing everyday) slasher Ghostrunner (which was already featured during the Opening Night) were more games to get excited about.

The more the show progressed, the lamer the jokes and the more numerous the advertisements became… but at least there was another stunning game trailer: ININ Games‘ classic platformer Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World.

Environmentalism seems to be on more developers’ minds these days, as both Breaking Walls‘ sugar glider adventure AWAY: The Survival Series and Herobeat Studios‘ fox adventure Endling showed what some species have to do in order to survive.

So after a day mostly dedicated to indie gaming, what will the final one at gamescom 2020 bring?

To be continued…

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