Past gaming events: gamescom 2020, Day 4

The fourth and final day of gamescom 2020 on Sunday, August 30, meant even more gaming content to digest.

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Without any press appointments and only the Best of Awards show in the evening, I decided to go through the gamescom 2020 now Partners pages… alphabetically. BIG mistake, as there was too much to see and too little time. So here we go again…

Bloober Team is restless when it comes to new releases and trying out different things, this time with The Medium, a third-person horror adventure that works in two simultanous realities/perspectives, and Observer: System Redux, the remaster of the cyberpunk horor adventure I reviewed in 2017.

Cave Monsters‘ murder mystery adventure game Lord Winklebottom Investigates makes the Sherlock Holmes/Agatha Christie atmosphere memorable and unique thanks to all sorts of animals involved.

Dire Goldfish/Gwen Frey‘s music puzzler Kine oozes charme and is due to release on other digital platforms after having been an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Clever Plays‘ cooperative first-person adventure game Operation:Tango offers a unique spy thriller twist.

Creepy Jar‘s survival horror game Green Hell is a bit reminiscent of cannibal movies, which makes it all the more realistic and scary.

Crunching Koalas‘ couch co-op construction builder in space with monkeys, Bonkies, is as weird and fun as it sounds.

Curve Digital is a great place to look for indie games, with Lucky Mountain Games/Sumo Digital‘s arcade racer Hotshot Racing and Neon Giant‘s cyberpunk action-RPG The Ascent being particularly cool.

Daedalic Entertainment‘s newest addition is Alter Games’ Partisans 1941, a WWII strategy game with stealth elements that is more than a little bit reminiscent of the Commandos series.

Deck13 Spotlight/Cordens Interactive‘s platformer game Vesper is another stunning example of what indie games can be capable of in terms of visuals and atmosphere.

dietzribi‘s puzzle platformer Toodee and Topdee mixes both 2D and topdown platforming in an ingenious way.

Digerati provides a good mix of cardbuilding and investigation with Nerdook Productions‘ murder mystery RPG The Magister.

Digital Cybercherries‘ cooperative FPS Hypercharge: Unboxed is a different take on the world Toy Story could be like if it’s made into a shooter.

Diplodocus Games‘ platformer game Regina & Mac can be straight out of the N64 era.

Drop Bear Bytes‘s postapocalyptic RPG Broken Roads sounds especially great with its soundtrack.

While EA/Motive Studios‘ space sim Star Wars: Squadrons was already featured in the Opening Night, I still couldn’t get enough of the game I have high expectations for, even though I’m not sure how intense VR will be.

Elseware Experience‘s psychological thriller game Broken Pieces might look a bit rough around the edges, but it could be an interesting throwback to the classic Resident Evil titles.

Enlightened Robot Entertainment‘s 2D shooter Naser: Son of Man has some great steampunk visuals and a bonkers story about robots and God, while the chainsaw gun-wielding hero with his badass attitude brings something different to the table.

EP Games‘ multiplayer fighting game A Gummy’s Life can’t be any more fun and chaotic with its premise of gummy characters beating each other up.

Event Horizon‘s non-linear RPG Dark Envoy has a very stylish Wild West-like trailer, and if the game can deliver on that coolness, then this should be a blast.

Fabraz‘s 3D platformer Demon Turf is colorful and weird, which is always a good combination.

Fast Travel Games‘ VR horror game Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife creates a bit of a hype despite not showing much, but if it succeeds in terrifying the player, then this should be a must-buy title.

Feardemic/Artur Łączkowski‘s horror adventure game Death of Rose has quite a few chilling scenes.

Finji has an impressive selection of beautiful-looking and sounding indie games with Andrew Shouldice‘s action-adventure game TUNIC and Greg Lobanov‘s peaceful adventure Chicory: A Colorful Tale.

Follow the Feathers‘ adventure game Weaving Tides shows that gaming can be relaxing and exciting, at least if one rides on carpet dragons.

Gamechuck‘s arcade games mix Speed Limit makes jumping from one genre to the next a unique and also hectic experience.

Gamecity Hamburg supports many developers, and one of them is OneManOnMars Art & Games e.K. with its action-platformer Leif’s Adventure: NetHerworld Hero which sets itself apart from others of its ilk with cooperative gameplay.

While it’s still not clear how the Covidvirus situation will impact the near or far future of conventions, gamescom asia believes that it will become a reality in October next year, only if it will be physically or digitally present is another matter.

Gearbox Publishing‘s newest DLC Borderlands 3 – Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck is more exciting for me than Counterplay Games‘ generic-looking Godfall during the Opening Show.

Glowfish Interactive‘s twinstick shooter Trifox is much more charming and colorful than one would expect of the genre.

So I only reached the letter G and there was obviously much more content to go through, but as I (or rather my eyes and hands) needed some rest, I called it a day and prepared for the Best of Awards show in the evening…

… which wasn’t a highlight and didn’t offer many surprises (Cyberpunk 2077, anyone?), but at least it was better organized and even provided a look behind the scenes. Despite all the Covidvirus restrictions, IGN definitely should be applauded for providing content… although one shouldn’t forget the Indie Booth Arena Online which had a much more interesting approach.

So that’s all for gamescom 2020! It was definitely a different experience, one that had its advantages (no long commutes, no pushing and shoving through masses of people, no running back and forth through the business and public areas), but wasn’t the real thing. Taking into account that one can still access the gamescom now Partners pages which don’t provide much extra content, one was only left with live streams that might have been great for those interested in a special genre or game, but it wasn’t a substitute for talking with developers and publishers on site. Compared to devcom, it’s certainly not the best solution. Hopefully, there will either be more (press) content or private chat/video rooms next year… or simply a much-needed return to convention normality.

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