Amazon Prime Video watchlist: September 2020

Amazon Prime Video in September 2020 brought back a seemingly neverending horror/mystery TV show.

TV shows:
Supernatural (Season 13) [4/10]

Last year I discussed Season 12 of Supernatural in the Amazon Prime Video watchlist: June 2019 article, and it wasn’t looking good for the future of the show. Now with the thirteenth season, things have sadly not changed much. After a strong start with the son of Satan trying to figure out the human world, leading to some humorous sequences, it’s again all going downhill with angels/demons in suits fighting and introducing a new villain that might act tough as the new leader of hell, but who becomes just as forgettable as the rest of the overall story arc. If it weren’t for a hilarious crossover between Scooby-Doo and Supernatural (obviously in animated form), one could argue the 23 episodes felt like another eternity that could have better been spent with something else. Still, as always, things finally get interesting in the end with a cliffhanger…

Sometimes I wonder if I should bother with Supernatural anymore. It’s true that a long-running TV show like this one has its ups and downs, but if one doesn’t remember much after all these episodes, it’s definitely not a good sign for quality. Still, I’ll probably give the next season(s) another go, hoping for more unique ideas to come to fruition.

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