New additions to the media collection in October 2020

October 2020 was clearly focused on new movies and even games to put on the shelves.

As always, the Retrogamer and EDGE magazines were missing, and the LEGO Star Wars mag played it safe by having another figurine instead of a more interesting ship to build.

This Halloween vegetables figurine collection already grew in September, and this was what I ended up with after receiving a few when buying at the local supermarket. As one didn’t know what was inside the plastic bags, it was obvious one would have duplicates and as the offer already ended, this collection wasn’t complete. Expect a plush toy next month…

I got this nerd quiz calendar from my girlfriend, and even if my pop culture knowledge isn’t so bad, there seem to be a lot of things I didn’t know.

It doesn’t happen very often that I find some bargains in our local MediaMarkt, especially Nintendo Switch titles, but these were so unbelievable cheap. It’s also nice to know that despite simply putting Steam codes inside cases being common practice and digital downloads dominating the market, physical extras are still popular.

Starting again alphabetically with new BD additions, the action genre is good for mindless fun. I only watched one of these, the third Bad Boys, which was surprisingly good despite no involvement of Michael Bay.

Adventure movies, with the second Jumanji providing lots of funny moments. I still think both Ridley Scott and Russel Crowe are overrated, and what better movie than Gladiator to prove it? It was entertaining, but instantly forgettable as well.

While I loved both Addams Family movies, this animated version might have worked better if it wasn’t aimed at a younger audience with more miss than hit jokes.

Still a great anime that is very truthful to the manga, although it has its fair share of filler episodes, which is not surprising, considering the source material has them, too.

The live-action Death Note movies weren’t particularly great due to subpar acting, but at least they made more or less sense. This isn’t the case with Light up the NEW world which has one of the most unsympathetic L successors ever and feels as if nothing has been resolved towards the end, only building up to another unnecessary cash-in sequel.

Still have to watch the original anime or read the manga before giving this a try.

Kevin Smith’s newest flick has quite a few funny scenes and touching moments, but compared to his previous output (and even the original Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), this isn’t much to write home about.

An overhyped movie with a story that is not particularly new or exciting. If it weren’t for Phoenix’ performance and the ending, this would be easily forgotten. At least I enjoyed this more than Nolan’s boring Batman movies.

Only watched Sully which was what you’d expect from a movie directed by Clint Eastwood: realistic and touching, showing the human side behind the airline business.

Not sure if this new Peter Pan version is any good, but a soundtrack is always nice to have.

It’s time for some fantasy trash with a lovely mediabook.

Movies based on computer/videogames are always a mixed bag, and Sonic the Hedgehog is surprisingly entertaining despite not having much to do with the original. If you’ve watched one Pokemon movie, then you’ll know what to expect, which is fan service and not much else to remember afterwards.

Being the month of Halloween madness, horror movies were obviously more numerous than other genre additions, with Doctor Sleep being quite good.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark might not be as entertaining as Trick ‘r Treat (a movie I still haven’t reviewed) or Tales of Halloween, but it comes very close to it, making it another one for the seasonal watch list.

More horror aditions, although I’m not so sure Trolls World fits, as it’s a trash fantasy comedy. I still have to watch it, though, finding out if it’s as horrible or even worse than the original two movies.

Arrow Video knows how to dig up the strangest movies, and I only recently started going through their catalogue on my shelves, with Beyond the Door being a bonkers version of The Exorcist and Bloodtide being more like a vacation video with infrequent monster and animal attacks.

Dream Demon might be easily confused as another A Nightmare on Elm Street imitator, but it’s more like a psychological horror movie without the jokes. It has a few sick and funny scenes, though.

The Hills Have Eyes Part 2 is less nihilistic and brutal than its predecessor and therefore more entertaining to watch, while Nightmare City did the running zombies idea decades before 28 Days Later, although it’s so nonsensical with the undead wielding weapons and behaving like humans it has to be seen to be believed.

Fangoria might be a good source of information for gorehounds, but it doesn’t mean the horror magazine can produce a good movie, with Satanic Panic only scoring in the disgusting special effects department. However, despite having a rather forgettable story and characters, it’s still entertaining at times.

The Wind might not reinvent the slasher or thriller genre (which is difficult, anyway), but it sure has some tense atmosphere to boot.

I still remember watching The Woman at the Fantasy Filmfest in Cologne almost a decade ago and maybe it was because of technical difficulties (very low/bad sound quality) or because the lack of sleep (and having lost my bag at a local train station on the way there), I didn’t really like it. Having watched it again on BD made me realize how great it is, despite its twisted premise and unsympathetic characters, which is simply to show what people can be capable of and how sick perfect families can be from the inside. So a new 4K master, plus the less successful Offspring as a bonus, was well worth investing in with this Arrow Video release.

Two sci-fi movies I haven’t watched yet, and this time I decided to get the cheaper Mega Time Squad BD instead of the Arrow Video release, as not many people seem to be very enthusiastic about it (which doesn’t mean much, though).

More thrillers to check out, and hopefully Summer of 84 won’t be as painful as Stranger Things. At least there’s hope because of the director having done the entertaining if not perfect Turbo Kid.

More crime than thriller, these Agatha Christie adaptations should do nicely with a cup of tea, mulled wine, or hot chocolate.

You can’t get enough 3D movies if today’s market seems to be all about streaming and 4K. While I didn’t find Onward particularly exciting or memorable, Trolls World Tour was just as great as, if not better than, the first flick, thanks to a killer soundtrack and a well-delivered moral message that being different is not so bad after all. However, using trolls who love rock music as baddies might not have been the best idea…

I’ve heard some great things about this TV show that offers a much more mature and realistic pirate adventure than Disney ever could or would present with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

It’s been such a long time since I watched these fantasy TV movies, but with Christmas coming up, this should be the best time to revisit them.

So October was another month full of movies and games that I’ll probably have a hard time watching or playing for years to come. But I’d much rather continue collecting them than relying on streaming services.

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