New additions to the media collection in April 2021

April 2021 was an even bigger month for collecting movies, games, and other media than the previous one.

Magazines Direct (formerly My Favourite Magazines) is always good for a scam and fraud: I finally managed to cancel both subscriptions and still received the exclusive cover for a single issue purchase (that never arrived and I paid for). Oh, and I’m still waiting for my refunds…

Double LEGO magazine joy.

A perfect Easter present.

More boardgaming and card gaming goodness.

Some more PS4 purchases that were quite cheap on the German Gamestop store, although the Wolfenstein title was an import, for obvious reasons.

Two more games I’m looking forward to play, or rather 4… no 3, because unfortunately the third Spyro game has to be downloaded and isn’t on the disc… which will hopefully not become common practice.

More alternative rock material, including some weird genre mixes and lyrics.

Some animated classic and modern fun.

It can’t get any more classic than with these Disney movies.

Finally an anime adaptation of a very cool adventure game series (see the The Ace Attorney (Phoenix Wright) Series and Apollo Justice + Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth reviews).

A lot of comedy to take in, and Bill & Ted Face the Music was simply fun to watch.

Oh my, let’s see if this is really the worst movie ever. There’s at least a lot of questionable love put into this rather expensive BD one can only get from the US.

Maybe this one is even worse or more entertaining, who knows?

Only one drama movie, but a very special one, it seems.

It’s been such a long time since I saw The Neverending Story II at the cinema, and even if some people don’t like it, I had to have this as an import for nostalgia reasons. The Pinocchio movie looks pretty scary.

This fantasy movie might be just be another great bad flick worth checking out.

Daniel Radcliffe is always good for a surprise when it comes to goofy movies, and this action endeavor works so much like an FPS game in the action sequences that one soon forgets about the story and characters, simply sitting back and enjoying the bloody ride.

It’s not Halloween time yet, but there’s always a good reason to have more horror movies.

Ready or Not might not reinvent the genre, but it was great to watch the main lead kicking some butt after having seen her as a psychopath in Guns Akimbo, proving once again that some actresses should deserve more recognition (and could be a better, more natural fit for a certain Harley Quinn).

Dust Devil is one of those movies I don’t particularly liked or was rather bored with, but maybe I’ll give it another try on BD.

There’s nothing quite like a good selection of scary stories, and if they take place in the hood, it’s even better.

Nicholas Cage’s overacting started with this one, from the looks of it.

I’m not such a big fan of musicals or the cartoon character, but this movie was pretty cool when I watched it on DVD, so this was a no-brainer.

After Bill and Ted made a return, the Terminator and Sarah Connor did the same… with some pretty exciting action sequences, although there could have been better story development and a satisfying conclusion.

It can’t get any bloodier than this, at least in terms of Ichi the Killer, a movie I saw ages ago.

Arrow Video knows its cult classic cinema, even though it’s some acquired taste. I wouldn’t count any of these as favorites of mine, but they all had something interesting to show or tell: some Yakuza action/drama, psychological thriller, psychopath exploitation cinema, and Gothic Giallo atmosphere.

These two might have been outrageous back in the day (and they’re certainly disturbing at some points), but they’re just relics of the past.

As much as I like modern horror, if it comes across as boring and pretentious as this one (plus an even more tedious bonus film), then I’d rather have the 70ies/80ies/90ies back.

Ah, the good old Asian cinema experiences, now revisited in HD thanks to 88 Films (plus the second Candyman movie I already reviewed).

101 Films also has some nice movies on offer, even though Before Dawn isn’t anything special and I liked Dominic Brunt’s Bait (see New additions to the media collection in March 2021) much better. The 51st State was a lot of violent fun, though, as was the unique Sirens.

A classic 80ies flick that has its moments, but I prefer John Landis other movies.

Skinner might not be the greatest psycho thriller or horror movie, but it sure had its intentionally or unintentionally funny moments.

I continued my love for classic Asian action cinema with these Eureka additions.

Shout Factory is another company I’ve grown rather fond of when it comes to releasing cult movies, and these were all part of a 3 for 2 Amazon USA offer… which unfortunately meant they didn’t arrive in a pristine condition due to bad handling and packaging.

Vestron Video seems to become another interesting company to release cult movies, and I’m especially looking forward to watch Dagon and Return of the Living Dead III again.

Last but not least, the animated TV show Angry Birds makes a return.

This is not all, though, as the Friday the 13th TV show (which has nothing to do with the movies I reviewed during Halloween 2015), the X-Files spin-off The Lone Gun Men, and the bonkers Blood Drive should make for some very entertaining hours indeed.

I don’t want to repeat myself, but yes, it was yet another expansive and expensive month for collecting. But I don’t want to have it any other way, as there’s so much to discover outside of the mainstream(ing).

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