New additions to the media collection in May 2021

May 2021 had quite a varied selection of new additions in different forms, plus some new shelves to make them all fit.

Another month, another fraud, as it’s unbelievable that I still receive subscriber-exclusive covers without being a subscriber (still waiting for my refund) and that communication with customer service, finances, and recently even management of Future Publishing/My Favourite Magazines hasn’t fixed the ongoing problems…

They don’t even send any shipping confirmations via email anymore, but thankfully this individual order got through and arrived more or less on time.

I didn’t even know Jedi had their own starfighters, but anything is better than the Mandalorian.

It’s incredible how far gaming has come, because academic-like essays/books were unheard of back in the days.

Books based on movies? Not really, as the slasher movies were based on these books (the latter one being retitled Teaching Mrs. Tingle).

I still have to play/review the game Cuphead, with the novels and comics making the perfect accompaniment, as well as the amazing artbook.

Speaking of artbooks and the history of gaming, these should do the trick.

Of course there are newer games that deserve the same attention to their art, too.

I’m more of a lore and background stories fan, so the Lore & Legends book of God of War is an interesting read, especially since it’s written from the boy’s perspective.

It’s sad that Benoit Sokal recently passed away, so commemorating his work on Syberia with this book means a lot to me, even though it means learning French, as it’s only available in this language.

Time for some comics, although in the case of Army of Darkness, it’s too bad that Volume 3 is nearly impossible to get a hold of as a physical copy.

I hope that I can have some more H.P. Lovecraft specials in this blog, and these graphic novels should create the right mood.

Junji Ito is very much influenced by Lovecraft’s work, and it shows.

I’ve never attended the UK Fright Fest, but it’s so popular it has spawned its own book series, which should be perfect reading material for preparing for Halloween.

If you think you’ve seen it all when ordering online, you are faced with something new…

Yes, the first World of Books order had two completely different artists/CDs inside the badly damaged case. Good thing they sent a replacement that worked.

More alternative rock additions I got very cheap from the UK.

I can’t express how happy I am about having the June Spirit EP CD, as I was looking for it for ages during my student days (which is a long time ago). If you’re wondering where I got my username “nufafitc” from, this is it: a very memorable line in one of their songs, “Just another face in the crowd” (which also became my band/music project name). Ah, still powerful to listen to and part of my life… I bought the CD for just under 3 EUR… and because it was damaged, I received a full refund, so it was for 0 EUR. Can’t put a price tag on memories, though.

Boardgames are great, especially if they’re based on one’s favorite games or movies series. Amazing that I got Tomb Raider: Legends way cheaper than when I saw it after gamescom 2019.

So many cool games and not enough time to play them outside review copy constraints.

While Jaws isn’t my favorite movie, this mug/T-shirt double pack is pretty cool, especially for summer.

Speaking of movies, let’s start again alphabetically in genres, with action flicks.

12 movies on two BDs? Probably not the best quality, but then again it’s difficult to get these.

I simply love adventure movies, as silly as they can be, and unlike other people, the remake of Ben Hur will probably be more entertaining for me than the original.

I always give anime shows a chance, and if it’s gaming related, it’s all the better.

Of course it these come in lovely collector’s editions, the higher price is more than justified (although there isn’t really an alternative, as the Katrielle Layton show is only available in Germany).

Classic John Hughes comedy/drama, although I don’t remember much of this one.

Now there’s some French slapstick/over-the-top comedy I barely remember.

I do remember this one, Clueless, though, as it’s one of my favorite teenie comedies. However, I didn’t remember I already bought the US version years ago… Still, this awesome UK edition was worth it. If only all editions would be like that…

And now for something completely different… drama.

And even more different… fantasy trash with very fun German dubbing by Rainer Brandt.

Can’t get enough of horror movies.

I already owned The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, but as the US version had a cropped and low quality picture, I imported it from France. Now also having the BD upgrade for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, you can probably guess what is planned for a certain Halloween movie special week this year…

More classic horror and trash.

Being a fan of all Ghostbusters movies (maybe another Halloween movie special contender?), this making-of looked very enticing.

Oh my, a musical with Michael Jackson and Diana Ross’s interpretation of The Wizard of Oz? Let’s see how this turns out. At least the mediabook pulls out all the stops by including the soundtrack, too.

Classic and modern sci-fi with adventure, shocks, and laughter.

The thriller section grows once again.

Only one Arrow Video addition.

More Eureka classics.

Only one 88 Films entry, but it’s a box of slasher movies I’m always up for. Too bad I already have the first two (and the third one doesn’t seem to be very good). However, it’s a great package, and I should have grabbed the I Know What You Did Last Summer trilogy limited edition as well, because it’s out of print and goes for ridiculous money.

Another 101 Films contribution.

Same for Vestron Video.

I already watched the Hannibal TV show (see Netflix watchlist: August 2017 for Seasons 1+2 and Netflix watchlist: September 2017 for Season 3), but as this US import has the Producer’s Cuts and as I always prefer physical copies, I had to have this box… although it arrived in a slightly damaged condition… Thankfully a full refund (!) was commissioned by Amazon USA.

More TV shows, and I hope the hype built around Lovecraft Country is justified. Wolf Creek still seems to work best as a movie, because the second season is just as unnecessarily long as the first one (see New additions to the media collection in February 2020).

Ah, the Raving Rabbids (or Les Lapins Cretins, as they’re known in French) are always good for a laugh, and I hope it doesn’t matter that there’s no English audio track on the DVDs. But there is a bag as a nice goodie.

Last but not least, a few 3D movies were added to the collection, although it seems these have become fewer and fewer these days… Thanks, 4K… NOT!

What better way to end the overview than having a look at new shelves I actually found space for to put on the wall?

They were already put to good use, although not for media collection intent in one case.

So once again, I had another month that wasn’t cheap, and it seems that the current one isn’t any better with Prime Day and imports.

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Being an avid gamer, cinemaniac, and bookworm in addition to other things the internet and new media present, I'm also very much into DIY music, rock and pop in particular. Writing short or longer pieces about anything that interests me has always made me happy. As both an editor for German website "Adventure-Treff" and UK website "Future Sack", I like to write reviews and news about recent developments in the movies, games and book industry.
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4 Responses to New additions to the media collection in May 2021

  1. Paul Bowler says:

    Wow! You go some green new additions to you collection! That JAWS t-shirt and mug are really fun!

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  3. Pingback: New additions to the media collection in June 2021 | Emotional Multimedia Ride

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