New additions to the media collection in June 2021

June 2021 was a good month to fill those new shelves bought in May 2021.

The never ending story of the Retro Gamer subscription and replacement, this one being another example that Future Publishing doesn’t care in what condition they arrive or if they do at all.

Even stranger: not being a subcscriber anymore and receiving subscription-only cover versions. What happened to the magazines I individually bought? That’s for another time…

Even if I’m not a fan of what Disney did to the Star Wars saga, Rey and BB-8 were pretty cool in Episode VII: The Force Awakens, so this LEGO figurine bundle is quite nice to have.

More heavy game artbooks, although The Crash Bandicoot Files is rather special, as it’s the original design document.

The NieR: Automata books are also a bit different, as they read more like a walkthrough, which is no bad thing, taking into account how mysterious the world is (still have to play the game, though).

Speaking of mysterious, this Dark Souls companion is very unique and just shows how far the medium has come. There wouldn’t have been something like this in the 90ies…

The time I’ve published this article, I’ll be in Disneyland Paris and maybe visited the Phantom Manor, and I might even be reading or have read one of these Haunted Mansion books.

If this wasn’t already great, then the novelization of this Halloween favorite of mine should be perfect reading material after the theme park trip. It also includes the sequel (which unfortunately never happened in movie form).

You can’t have enough Disney art, as these postcard additions of my wife show.

Staying with the theme park idea, soundtracks are always nice, especially since I won’t be in the Europa Park this year, it seems.

Something a bit darker and louder in music.

A comic inspired or based on the Halloween Horror Nights of the Europa Park, complete with a double-sided poster.

A visual novel adaptation of a very cool book and movie based on Neil Gaiman’s story.

A manga adaptation of my wife’s favorite Tim Burton movie.

After having watched the Gantz anime, I had to find out what the manga series was like. Whoever wonders where Volume 2 is… it was rather difficult to get due to its out-of-print status. Fortunately… see next month!

Being a big fan of the two The Darkness games, I obviously had to buy the Omnibus (with the second one pre-ordered).

As Witchblade has some crossover issues with The Darkness, this was a no-brainer.

Time for some classic gaming with the new/old Game & Watch gadget/console.

More time with current console games.

Here we go with a slew of new boardgames.

Some were even bought at McDonalds with Happy Meals.

Amazon UK GlobalStore Germany is a very expensive place to browse through with all these additions for bargain prices.

Starting the movies additions with a pretty fun if not too exciting action movie.

Is it more adventure than comedy?

Some Disney animated classics I haven’t watched before.

I remember this anime from those few times German TV showed (cut) movies, so it’s more nostalgia than anything else.

I’m not sure if I watched this one, too, but it looks rather familiar.

Some very weird anime movies, to say the least.

This doesn’t seem to be true to the comic book source material, but maybe it’s still good and entertaining.

There’s always something unintentionally funny about live anime adaptations.

Let’s continue with comedies, with Delirious being intentionally funny, even if the German title doesn’t have anything to do with it.

Who would have known that one can do a comedy with Hitler that works as a drama, too, something that no German movie has ever achieved. So kudos to Taika Waititi for doing Jojo Rabbit. Oh well, there’s still Manta Manta Germany can be proud of, sort of, ahem.

France at least has Louis de Funés, and despite their age, these movies are still a lot of fun.

There’s always Astérix to count on, and this live action movie is surprisingly entertaining.

It took me a while to find out that the UK edition of Logan has the black-and-white version, so this was an insta-buy and pretty cheap as well.

Many drama movies to watch for the very first time, with Before Midnight the one I’m particularly excited about, because the other two were pretty good.

It’s been such a long time since I watched The Witches, a fantasy movie that gave me nightmares as a kid… which is always a good indication for a movie aimed at children.

The two Gor movies seem to be pretty trash-y, but also very entertaining, I hope (maybe including some gore, too?).

I’m a sucker for gaming movies for obvious reasons.

Halloween can’t come soon enough with these horror movies, and two of them might be a good accompaniment to Christmas.

More sci-fi than horror or maybe just a trash version of Alien?

This is more likely sci-fi material.

Thrilling thrillers.

Only one Arrow Video release, and it’s a US exclusive.

Two Eureka! releases covering various genres.

I think I prefer 88 Films’ line-up, as the company caters to all sorts of movie tastes.

101 Films also has some great releases and artwork.

The best thing about TV shows on physical media is that they won’t be removed from streaming services, as could be seen with Bates Motel. I only managed to watch four seasons on Netflix in September 2017 before it disappeared.

It’s a shame that Swamp Thing was canceled, as it had potential, although I can see why it was shut down due to a lack of suspense. Still, it was way better than the movies and deserves a second season.

Ah, the original Adam West portrayal of Batman with so many silly scenes that it will be a joy to experience this TV show once again in HD.

Last but not least, we have a few new 3D movies (including 4K as a bonus).

With all those photos taken and the Disneyland Paris trip in full swing, it was the best time to buy a new camera card (and a battery pack the following month) before.

I already mentioned that the time you’re reading this or looking at the photos, I’ll be in Disneyland Paris (or already on my return). So we’ll see if I’ll bring a few souvenirs along… and a cover story for sure.

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