Past gaming events: devcom digital 2021 (quick overview with social media)

devcom digital 2021 (or #ddc2021) wasn’t as long an event as in the previous year, only lasting one instead of two weeks, but there were still enough interesting talks to dive into.

Taking place from August 23-27, 2021, and already previewed in the Upcoming gaming events: devcom digital 2021 article, the biggest issue was that it coincided with gamescom. By using my official EMR Twitter page, it helped to keep track of all the online content that will hopefully soon be covered in more detail.

August 23
Starting @devcom_global (#DevCom 2021) with talk “The Past, Present, and Future of Horror Games” presented by @GlenSchofield and @deantak

@sd_studios and @Skybound’s upcoming #survival #scifi #horror #game @CallistoTheGame (#TheCallistoProtocol) looks very promising and thanks to the @devcom_global talk by @GlenSchofield there seems to be a lot of good and bad #movie watching background love put into it

Now final @devcom_global #DDC2021 talk or rather panel of today: “The Stories & Characters We Need Right Now” with @amely,@ashly_burch,@machanotmatcha, @D_Uncorporated’s Carlos Rocha Silva,@JohnGaudiosi about the development of #narrative and #character design in #games

August 24
My first @devcom_global #DDC2021 talk/panel of today is “NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… – Re-Imagining a Classic for a Modern Audience” with @yokotaro,@Toylogic_Inc’s Saki Ito,@SquareEnix’s Yosuke Saito,@PoffleyThe,Chinami Nishiyama, and @EA_DICE’s @FawziMesmar

Next up at @devcom_global #DDC2021: “Beyond a Fireside Chat ft. Charles Cecil & Dave Gibbons” with @RevSoftGames’ @CharlesCecil,@davegibbons90,and @VioTensil

Final @devcom_global #DDC2021 talk of today: “How the Alchemy of Polyarc is Making Moss: Book II” with @PolyarcGames’ @Shaununyabiz,@GameAudioGirl,@Foofinu,@MikeJensen3d,@JoshStiksma and @PSLifeStyle’s @FinchStrife

August 26
First and last session of @devcom_global #DDC2021 today before switching to #gamescom2021: “Cowboys and Hurdy Gurdys: The Music of Desperados 3” with @fbeckpeccoz, discussing the amazing #music of @MimimiProd and @THQNordic’s awesome #Western #strategy #game #DesperadosIII

August 27
First and last session of today at @devcom_global #DDC2021: “A Deeper Experience – Making traditional genres more meaningful through Storytelling” with @mixtvisiongames’ @playntell,@monokelgames’ Daniel Wagner,@kaleidoscube’s @schoendominik and @studiofizbin’s @anjinanhut

Saying goodbye to both @gamescom #gamescom2021 and @devcom_global #ddc2021 for today and this year, both featuring interesting #games, especially #indies, and talks

Having devcom and gamescom at the same time was definitely not a good idea, which explains why August 25 was skipped at devcom, as I moved over to gamescom. Jumping between the two might be impossible on site if this would ever happen in the future.

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