GOG releases 6 arcade-like games with Funbox Media

With courtesy of GOG and Funbox Media, 6 retro-inspired games have made their way into DRM-free territory.

As all these games’ discounts soon expire, we’ll dive into them as briefly as possible, starting with Desert Thunder, originally developed by Brainbox Games and published by Groove Games in 2003, an action game that tasks the player to control the Abrams M1A6 Advanced tank and bring it safely home to allied forces.

Of course things aren’t easy, with the Operation Desert Thunder that was secretly concocted to take down terrorists in a Middle Eastern country having gone terribly wrong. So the only way out is to blow things and people up, certainly something that isn’t politically correct, but with the arcade-style gameplay still a guilty pleasure.

Next up is Gun Metal, originally developed and published by Rage Games in 2002, a sci-fi action game featuring the prototype combat vehicle Havoc Suit that makes transforming into both a ground and aerial machine possible.

Whoever grew up with playing or watching Transformers will certainly get a kick out of this game, as one simply blows everything into smithereens while running or flying around. This includes buildings as well as the environment, which might not be a nice thing to do, but oh so satisfying in escapism.

Street Racing Syndicate, originally developed by Eutechnyx and published by Namco Hometek in 2004, is an arcade racer that is clearly inspired by the first Fast and the Furious movies, as it embraces the illegal street racing culture.

It doesn’t happen very often that these types of games feature licensed cars, but this one does with over 40, and of course one can tune these as much as possible. Earning cash and spending it on repairs or new ways to improve speed makes each race rewarding and challenging at the same time, especially with the police on one’s tail, too.

Terra Lander, originally developed by DM Media and published by Funbox Media in 2015, is an arcade game that takes the mechanics of the classic Lunar Lander, i.e. trying to land with a spacecraft on a platform with limited fuel in each level, and puts a more action-oriented spin on it.

Of course the challenge still remains by not touching anything, not being hit by projectiles and all the while managing both ammunition and fuel.

Terra Lander II: Rockslide Rescue, originally developed by DM Media and published by Funbox Media in 2020, changes the gameplay of its predecessor by making the player pick up/rescue humanoids from landing platforms and bring them back home.

Again knowing when to use fuel and firepower is essential to succeed, because if none is left, then it’s clearly a downward spiral to destruction. Thankfully the tank can be refilled by destroying fuel dumps along the way.

Last but not least, Terra Bomber, originally developed by DM Media and published by Funbox Media in 2020, ramps up the action even more, as it’s a sidescrolling shooter in which neither landing nor rescuing is required.

One has both guns and bombs, in addition to a few power-ups, to defend oneself against ground and aerial attacks. But one still has to keep an eye on the fuel and again destroy gas tanks to prevent crashing down.

All six games are now available DRM-free on GOG with 50% launch discounts that last until October 6, 2021, at 1 PM UTC.

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