Disney+ watchlist: September 2021

Disney+ in September 2021 had another live-action interpretation of a classic Disney animated movie.

Mulan (2020) [6/10]

What’s with Disney trying to give their old movies that are clearly steeped in often fantastical themes a more realistic angle? The new Mulan takes away the only distinctive supernatural element with Mushu the dragon, and what does it end up with? A martial arts adventure that has been seen so many times that one wonders where the special Disney magic went.

Of course the main idea of a young woman dressed up as a man to join an army and prove herself has been left intact, with the only difference that she now has supernatural powers in addition to her fighting skills. One of the villains, another woman, can do even more, like turning into a bird, and it’s clear that the movie somehow tries to discuss sexism and the oppression of women. But with an uninteresting plot and even more forgettable characters, one doesn’t care much for the themes. While the fighting sequences are quite good, it’s nothing one hasn’t experienced in any other Asian action movie before. This makes the whole movie a pretty pointless endeavor despite its good cinematography, soundtrack, and most acting.

Disney seems to be stuck between a complete overhaul of and look at known villains like Cruella (see Disney+ watchlist: August 2021) and retelling the same stories in a more realistic way. While Beauty and the Beast played it safe by not changing anything, Mulan could have used a bit more Mushu magic to make it stick out from the countless derivative martial arts movies Asian cinema is known for.

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