Halloween 2021 Movie Special, Day 3: “Prison”

Prisons can be scary places, especially with the spirit of a long-gone inmate seeking revenge in Renny Harlin’s action/horror/drama mix Prison.

(USA 1987, director: Renny Harlin)

After being executed on the electric chair, the spirit of a prisoner starts haunting the newly opened prison and killing the inmates.

Anyone who’s watched some of the director’s other movies can attest that he can do some good if rather forgettable action flicks, like Die Hard 2, but he rarely dabbled in the horror genre, with the exception being The Relic. What kind of movie Prison is supposed to be is difficult to describe, probably because Harlin didn’t know it himself.

There are plenty of problems with characters one is introduced to and doesn’t really know much about or care for, in addition to a story that doesn’t go anywhere. It doesn’t help that the hero played by Viggo Mortensen isn’t particularly sympathetic, and one wonders if he was supposed to be cool or tough, with neither attitude working. However, the biggest issue is that despite the moody setting and the potential for being atmospheric, one doesn’t feel any suspense or horror. The action sequences are out of place and while the gore scenes are well done, one simply stops bothering about the spirit’s revenge, which becomes clear when one doesn’t remember a single thing after the credits roll.

Score: 4/10

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