Epic Games Store free games: “Guild of Dungeoneering” + “KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION” + “Never Alone”

Epic Games Store‘s new freebies are Gambrinous‘ turn-based dungeon crawler Guild of Dungeoneering, [namethemachine]/Arbitrarily Good Productions‘ musical experience KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION, and Upper One Games/E-Line Media‘ educational platformer Never Alone.

Guild of Dungeoneering was already part of the Amazon/Twitch Prime free games in September 2018 line-up and sets itself apart from other titles of the genre by taking away control of the hero and instead putting the dungeon itself into the hands of the player.

This means that one draws cards from guild decks and thus builds the environment, including monsters, traps, and loot. The hero himself then decides where to go and what to do, which is a rather unique concept, considering that most dungeon crawlers play it rather safe.

Official website

KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION is a rather strange title, as it’s not really a game, but an art exhibition featuring music by experimental electronic/rock band Radiohead, which is no surprise as it’s their 20 years-old albums KID and AMNESIA that are on audio/visual display.

The band’s music is certainly an acquired taste, and the presentation of this strange experience isn’t for everyone. Exploring this weird world set in a building which again is hidden in a pencil forest gives an idea of where this is going. Personally, I’ve never got into the band’s electronic music, except for their more guitar-heavy stuff, so I’m not sure this outing will change my mind.

Official website

Never Alone is thankfully a real game, even though it pushes into the edutainment category with the historical background of the Iñupiat, an Alaska Native people, at its center. I already discussed it in this GOG game release news about the Arctic Collection.

While the DLC and soundtrack are sadly not included, it remains a beautiful and unique experience about a young girl and her fox who wants to safe her people from a blizzard. This results in some rather unusual encounters with spirits, while documentary videos in between levels give an insight into the culture of the Iñupiat.

Official Website

All three titles can now be added to the Epic Games Store account for free until tomorrow, November 25, 2021, at 5:00 PM (except for KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION which was and remains a freebie).

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