GOG releases 6 new retro games

GOG delivers on its name’s promise and brings back 6 good old games from yesteryear.

First up is action-platformer Jim Power – The Lost Dimension, which has quite a confusing development history. Originally made by Loriciel SA in 1993 for the SNES, it was later published by Piko Interactive in 2015, including both the DOS and Nintendo version, but also adding gameplay and video tweaks. The GOG version goes even further, because it has the NES and Megadrive conversions, too.

The game stars the titular special agent who has to prevent alien Vaprak from destroying Earth. Going into a dimensional vortex, this obviously means the hero uses more weapons than words to convince the villain to do otherwise.

Soccer Kid is a cartoon platformer, developed by Krysalis Software that came out in 1993, but with a silly twist, as one takes control of a young boy who uses the ball to hit people and animals as well as to jump higher. But it’s for a good cause, because the World Cup has been broken into pieces by an asteroid and it’s up to the kid to find all the pieces around the world.

It’s certainly a hilarious story, and the gameplay delivers even more weird moments that would be out of place in the real world, be it England, Russia, Italy, Japan or the US where the adventure takes the hero.

Head Over Heels is another classic game that Piko Interactive revived, this time from the 80ies (1987, to be precise) and put into interactive motion by Retrospec in 2019. It’s about the characters Head and Heels who have to escape the castle of Blacktooth who imprisoned them.

Being a puzzle-platformer, the title requires skills in jumping and thinking, with many rooms to explore and objects to pick up along the way without dying. As the two heroes are first separated, they have to join forces and work together if they want to fight against the oppressor.

O.D.T.: Escapeā€¦ Or Die Trying is a 1998 3D action-RPG from Psygnosis and throws the player into a tower full of enemies that have to be shot or beaten up, in addition to other dangers to overcome, all because one has to find a magical pearl that can help saving millions of people from being decimated.

What sounds rather ridiculous and also looks like it in the first seconds of the CGI trailer turns out to be rather impressive, at least in how hand-to-hand combat and the characters’ smooth animations are concerned. The RPG elements can be seen in the 4 unique characters with their individual attributes and many spells to learn, too.

Action-platformer Switchblade was originally developed by Core Design and published by Gremlin Interactive in 1989, taking place on the cyber world of Thraxx where Hiro, the last of the Bladeknights, has to enter the labyrinth of the Undercity to piece together 16 fragments of the Fireblade that gave them their powers.

Despite having become famous with the Tomb Raider games, the company’s beat-em-up/platform mix doesn’t look particularly exciting. Maybe it’s because how it’s played without any skill in the video (which also made Soccer Kid tedious to watch) or because the level design and gameplay is really this dull. However, the 80ies synth soundtrack is catchy and there seems to be a bit of metroidvania in there as well.

Last but not least (this time without Piko Interactive’s involvement), turn-based fantasy strategy game Hammer of the Gods was developed and published by Holistic Design Inc. in 1994 and shows a world where deities have real power over the Vikings’ endeavors.

Combat is important, as it to be expected, but choosing which Norse god to serve and which path to take (Human, Elf, Troll, Dwarf) leads to different experiences. If a glorious death is timely or untimely depends on the player’s strategic skills, too.

All six games are now available DRM-free on GOG with their individual launch discounts that last until January 24, 2022, at 2 PM UTC.

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