New additions to the media collection in February 2022

February 2022 slowed down quite a bit with collecting.

With no EDGE or Retrogamer magazines (more info about the subscriber/single issues orders next month) in sight, the LEGO Star Wars zine should do just fine, especially with trading card goodies.

There are so many versions of Monopoly that Frozen II was only a matter of time, although it was a spontanous purchase with just a tenner at a local supermarket.

These mangas are certainly not for children, although I have to say that the Gantz series is so low on characterization and storytelling that after over 600 pages one doesn’t care much for what is happening, except waiting for the next strange alien or gory scene. Thankfully Junji Ito never disappoints with his weird imagery, although I’m more a fan of his short stories than this one.

I’m looking forward reading all these classic tales in the months to come (especially before/during/after Halloween).

After the January 2022 collection included the second and third volume of the The Amory Wars series, I finally got my hand on this one. It was quite a long journey it took, as I first ordered it on Amazon and the book was damaged (no surprise), then I was lucky enough to have a better-looking one via a comic shop in Hamburg, even if it took over 3 weeks to arrive.

The newest Coheed and Cambria album was already featured in the Happy Valentine’s Day 2022 with Coheed and Cambria article, but I though I’d still include it in this overview with newer pictures. I can’t wait for the next one coming out this May and hopefully give the whole concept album/comics a dedicated article in the future.

Kevin Devine’s music is always nice to listen to.

After all the comic madness, this movie adaptation should be a fun experience (hopefully better than the first Suicide Squad which was meh).

I won’t spoil anything by giving individual reviews for this trilogy of slasher movies, as it will be part of this year’s Halloween movie special week. But I was very happy to have received the Collector’s Edition that had already been out of print for months… Wherever Amazon got this, I’m thankful to have it now, after already owning the first two movies as US releases.

The movies might not be great, but the whole package is pure nostalgia and nice to have… especially since I got a full refund for the (damaged) box set. So I actually didn’t pay anything for it.

That’s all for February 2022, a month in which I tried to save as much money as possible due to all sorts of necessary investments in real life. Still, March 2022 will feature much more… unexpectedly.

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Being an avid gamer, cinemaniac, and bookworm in addition to other things the internet and new media present, I'm also very much into DIY music, rock and pop in particular. Writing short or longer pieces about anything that interests me has always made me happy. As both an editor for German website "Adventure-Treff" and UK website "Future Sack", I like to write reviews and news about recent developments in the movies, games and book industry.
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