New additions to the media collection in March 2022

March 2022 picked up the speed for collecting once again.

I already paid for these EDGE magazines months before, but apparently there was a payment problem (I wasn’t contacted about). So I had to order them again, and they all arrived in many individual plastic wrappings my poor postman had to deliver. Of course this meant that some issues were out of stock, but as I placed a new subscription, we’ll see… BTW, it seems My Favourite Magazines screwed this one up, too, as I was first informed it worked and now it’s on hold because of a payment problem (which can’t be because there’s nothing wrong with my credit card).

This is a calendar for 2022 that only features artwork from one single game, which is disappointing because I liked the one with all kinds of titles in December 2020 much better.

Let’s see if I’ll receive the next EDGE issues with less hassle or if I have to buy them individually again.

If you thought My Favourite Magazines couldn’t mess up a simple order (or various orders), then check out this “double feature”… Yes, it’s the same magazine instead of an issue I ordered and that didn’t arrive… Another bookazine I paid for didn’t make it out of their warehouse, either.

If the Retro Gamer and EDGE magazines weren’t so great, I’d have given up on these orders/subscriptions a long time ago… but alas here we go again.

Next up: many comic books, starting with an actual newsletter.

Can’t go wrong with Bill & Ted, although there are two stories behind these orders: One book was damaged as usual via Amazon and one was sold by a German comic book store whose owner favors those buying on his website instead of Amazon. More about this later…

A quick glance at the Gears of War comic book Omnibuses which are surprisingly small (and one of them damaged again thanks to Amazon).

Maybe I’ll just say a few words about this ominous business practice of the German comic shop owner, because the book on the left side is part of a rather big order: Buying a comic book for 30 EUR means no shipping costs, but if one buys fewer items which are together more than 30 EUR, then there are shipping costs. In order to have none, you have to pay around 60 EUR. To be continued…
Thankfully Kill Audio arrived in great condition from Amazon USA (which is a first for the company), and I’m looking forward to reading this one which isn’t only a play on words with Coheed and Cambria singer/songwriter Claudio Sanchez.

Getting ready for my favorite times of the year: Halloween and Christmas.

The first 30 Days of Night Omnibus tells a very peculiar story, mainly that I had to order this three times (including sending it back twice) in order to receive an edition that wasn’t completely damaged. Suffice it to say that the first try resulted in a cardboard that was torn open because of the carrier’s (mis)handling it and the others didn’t fare much better.

If you thought that Amazon did a bad job with packaging, you should order via Andis Comic Express, preferably by buying books on the Amazon Marketplace. Then you’ll get a book with cuts and creases (on the back) sold as new. Unbelievably, the owner himself told me that he had to cut costs when selling on Amazon, so that’s why packaging is better when buying from his store. The investigation and my partial refund are still processed by Amazon. So do yourself a favor and avoid this seller at any cost, especially with the way he’s treating his “customers”. He also said that he knows about the less than pristine condition of US books, another reason not buying at his store.

Too bad that the True Blood comics weren’t sold in a second Omnibus edition, so I had to go with these hardcover versions.

Time for some music CDs, starting with new or rather old Funeral For A Friend records which are nice to listen to, even if they veer more towards pop instead of metal. Still Chapter and Verse is pretty heavy and different to the rest of this selection.

You can’t beat punk bands covering well-known songs, especially if they’re in Japanese sung by Americans, which is pretty unique and cool.

I’ve always had a soft spot for pop punk band New Found Glory, and it all started with their self-titled full length album (they were called A New Found Glory before). With this special 10th anniversary edition, I got the same CD, but with additional tracks and a DVD which is rather rare. The rest of their albums are very entertaining to listen to, especially Kill It Live.

Thursday has a special place in my heart, because it was the first band I saw live (or at least went to a band’s concert) ages ago. Their later output wasn’t as engaging due to them changing to a major label, but Kill the House Lights is a good retrospective with a documentary and live performance videos to commemorate them. It’s kind of sad that their War All The Time album is as relevant today as when it was released, still dealing with oppression, disillusionment in society and during war.

Last but not least, there was only one addition to the movie collection: an ultra-violent and trash-y adaptation of a manga, with courtesy of 88 Films, a company that is on a roll with its recent Asian cinema releases.

In February, I didn’t buy too much due to saving some money, and while March was definitely a bit more expensive, especially with comic books, we’ll have a quieter month in April… maybe. We’ll see.

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