New additions to the media collection in June 2022

The media collection in June 2022 offered even more comic books than before.

As there are still problems with my Retrogamer and EDGE subscriptions, I received these replacements, which is obviously no solution in the long run.

I’m not particularly fond of The Mandalorian (see the Disney+ watchlist: May 2020 review), but the LEGO ship looks pretty cool. It’s telling that I even find the Darth Maul action figure more interesting despite not really liking the movie (see the Episode I: The Phantom Menace review).

Not, it’s no real controller, just a tin can… in which one can put a controller, obviously.

I found the Studio Ghibli movie rather underwhelming and disappointing when I watched it during the Fantasy Film Fest, but this 1000+ pages book should make for a much better experience.

While Nausicaä isn’t my favorite Miyazaki movie, it’s still an enjoyable one, and this heavy manga tome is pretty impressive, to say the least, judging from the lovely artwork and packaging.

3 Touché Amoré albums that are beautiful and sad to listen to at the same time, which is no surprise as the lyrics and screaming are heartfelt and true hardcore music.

La Dispute brings back many good memories, probably because I was hanging out with these guys after a rock show for a while, including a train station walk and tour van drive. Of course they were also doing some great music with some of the most descriptive lyrics I’ve read.

The Panorama album isn’t one of my favorites, but the DVD is a good overview of where this band came from and what it has achieved over the years.

Can’t wait to read this horror story anthology before/during/after Halloween.

Alan Moore certainly knows how to do comics with a historical background.

There are many superhero comics, so I’d like to try out as many as possible, like this one.

I really liked (most of) the Preacher TV series (see Amazon Prime Video watchlist: March 2018, Amazon Prime Video watchlist: June 2019), Amazon Prime Video watchlist: March 2020), but many people think the comic books are much better. So my expectations are rather high.

It’s difficult to have complete sets of comic books, so I’m happy that at least I own one run of The Punisher, but unfortunately it’s not the MAX books, as I’m still missing 2 volumes.

Let’s see how many Red Sonja volumes I still have to get, in omnibus form or otherwise…

I usually hate having damaged books, but as 300 seems to be difficult to get one’s hands on, this used copy (which was described as “very good”) was the only way.

The Free Comic Book Day was already over, but managed to receive another set of freebies after the order(s) in May 2022.

Any fan of the original two Resident Evil games will see many parallels in this reboot. I didn’t have as much fun with it as with the Wes Anderson flicks, though, because the actors and actresses didn’t quite fit the characters.

These two animated movies prove that there’s still room for 3D releases these days. Even if I found Baby Boss a bit too hectic and silly, lacking the humor of the original, the effects were cool. At the moment I’m halfway through The Croods and so far I like this one, too, although again, as always with sequels, it doesn’t beat the original. Here’s hoping Dreamworks will still release more 3D versions instead of jumping on the 4K bandwagon like all the other companies (which it’s already doing).

The first Dune movie is a perfect example of hype one shouldn’t believe in. Granted, the David Lynch version feels very rushed towards the end, but at least it doesn’t take ages before something actually happens. Comparing this new interpretation to the The Lord of the Rings movies is appropriate, as these also took way too long for the little content they had to cover. The 3D effects are okay, but I doubt the next instalments will be sold as 3D versions, making me think twice before buying them.

June 2022 was truly the month for collecting comics, and from the looks of the cardboard box I’ve put the July acquisitions in, this won’t change any time soon.

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