Game release: “UNDETECTED” (PC)

Antonio Freyre and Digerati‘s sci-fi stealth-action game UNDETECTED silently treads on familiar ground.

It’s been quite some time since the 1998 release of the original Metal Gear Solid, and while many stealth titles have come and gone, there’s something to be said about the simple joy of evading, fighting, and trapping soldiers. Here one plays as Tenoch Kaan, a Desplazados rebel who has to find the same organization and their leader Gloria in Yucatan, Mexico, as they disappeared during a mission in the vicinity of the Chicxulub Perpetual Energy Station.

Taking place in the future of 2063, it’s clear that both story and gameplay have a sci-fi vibe, not least because of the hero being a cyber-augmented agent. Anyone who has played Metal Gear Solid will feel right at home with the game mechanics, as staying hidden is essential, which is also true for making noise only if one wants to lure enemies into traps. Violence isn’t allowed, so one either tries to avoid confrontation or incapacitate the opposing forces with hand-to-hand (or feet) combat and weapons that put them to sleep for a while.

The game is out now on PC with a 20% launch discount that lasts until October 7, 2022, at 5 PM UTC.

Buy the game for PC on

Official website

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