Halloween 2022 Movie Special, Day 5: “Halloween” (2018)

The best way to celebrate Halloween is to go back to the classic or revisit a modern version of Halloween, in this case directed by David Gordon Green.

Halloween (2018)
(USA 2018, director: David Gordon Green)

Laurie Strode and her family have to face masked killer Michael Myers who has escaped during a prison transfer and now terrorizes the small town of Haddonfield once again.

It seems that slasher movies with iconic antagonists are predestined for remakes or sequels, as can be seen in the Halloween 2013 Special Day 7: The Complete Halloween Series which was at least “complete” at that time, including both Rob Zombie movies. So what can a new self-titled version of John Carpenter’s classic horror flick bring to the table? Unfortunately, the answer is: not much.

At least Zombie’s interpretation was a bit different and had some much-needed terror elements. While a few of these can be found in the 2018 version, the killing sequences are so random and devoid of any logic or momentum that one doesn’t care much about what is happening. If it weren’t for Jamie Lee Curtis’ portrayal of the aged, embittered but also tough survivor girl/woman, one wouldn’t even have anyone to route for. This is one of those modern slasher flicks that tries hard to put a bit of psychology into the blank spaces of memorable characters, but ultimately fails. The action is bloody and gory (including the surprisingly vicious death of a young boy), but unlike Halloween: H20 or the aforementioned Rob Zombie movies, there’s very little to remember.

Score: 6/10

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