Halloween 2022 Movie Special, Day 7: “Scream” (2022)

Does Matt Bettinelli and Olpin/Tyler Gillett’s reboot and sequel Scream do the original justice in cleverness and bloodshed, serving as a good conclusion for this year’s Halloween movie special?

Scream (2022)
(USA 2022, directors: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin/Tyler Gillett)

25 years after the small town of Woodsboro experienced brutal murders by a killer with the ghostface mask, history repeats itself with another series of teenager killings.

When does a franchise stop being fun and start being too clever for its own sake? When it uses the same title and revels in its meta-fictional elements. While Halloween from 2018 was a more serious affair in terms of story and character development, the newest Scream tries to mix satirical and horror elements with questionable results. The biggest problem is the young cast which is so obnoxious and easy to dislike from the start. Fortunately it doesn’t take long before most of the teenagers are killed in some surprisingly violent ways, especially considering the movie got a 16+ age certificate rating in Germany, being much more explicit than the original that had been on the Index for years (before also receiving the same rating).

Be it as it may, if one doesn’t care for the characters, one is left with random killing sequences and barely no suspense. The rest is babbling about what a “requel” is (a mix of reboot and sequel) and how bad these types of movies usually are. Ironically, this is exactly what the new Scream is: trying very hard to be clever and bringing back the survivors of the first four movies, but not bringing back any of the charm and memorable moments of the franchise it imitates.

Score: 6/10

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