GOG releases 8 games from Throwback Entertainment

In cooperation with Throwback Entertainment, GOG revives 8 retro games (mostly) from original publishers Imageworks/Mirrorsoft.

As it’s always the case and more so at the moment, time is of the essence, with discounts not lasting forever and all sorts of other things to write about or to take care of. So without much further ado, we’ll have a quick look at the latest DRM-free retro additions, starting with Blade Warrior.

Originally released in 1991, it’s a fantasy action-adventure game about a paladin who fights against the legions of night by mainly using his trusty sword but also magic spells. With atmospheric backgrounds and animations, it still looks pretty great today.

Official website

The Killing Cloud is a mix of adventure and flight simulation, developed by Vektor Grafix Ltd, and came out in 1991 as well, putting the player into the shoes of an SFPD cop to bring down the crime syndicate The Black Angels in 21st century San Francisco.

Taking place in the future, the game offers players the chance to jump on a hoverbike and capture the ringleaders. One has to track them down first, though, then take them down, and finally have their statements in interrogation sequences.

Theme Park Mystery was released in 1990 and is proof that the publisher really knew how to mix genres, as one investigates the strange insanity of one’s uncle which is connected to the Magic Canyon Theme Park by actually changing one’s appearance and skills along the journey.

Traversing Dragonland, Dreamland, Futureland, and Yesterdayland, one is thrown into a mix of puzzle solving, platforming, fighting sequences, and others, all in the various forms the character takes on, e.g. a warrior.

Battle Master was made by Personal Software Services in 1990 and is yet another example of a genre mix, as it combines arcade action with strategy elements in a fantasy world.

Playing as The Watcher or rather a leader, one’s objective is to fulfill a prophecy by bringing back peace to the world, which means battling dragons and monsters, but also overcoming traps and solving puzzles, all the while having an army at one’s disposal.

Official website

Savage, developed by Probe Software Ltd. and published by Firebird Software in 1988, is an arcade action side-scroller, again set in a fantasy world about a man with only his fists as weapons to escape a castle dungeon.

One has to return, though, to reunite with one’s love, but except for these emotional outbreaks, the warrior deals out more damage with his muscles than with words (and he can even turn into a hawk, it seems), even if it all looks a bit dated and unintentionally funny.

Interphase was developed by The Assembly Line and published by Image Works in 1989, being a first-person sci-fi shooter about rogue dreamer Chad who guides his partner Kaf-E through a security system to pick up a DreamTrack that is connected to the minds of future generations.

It all sounds like some convoluted sci-fi stuff, but one can also ignore the story and immerse oneself in some hectic cat-and-mouse game with security drones and destroy all sorts of things in the maze-like mainframe of the DreamTrack Corporation.

Official website

Annals of Rome, developed and published by Personal Software Services in 1986, is a historical strategy game in which one plays as the ruler of the Republic, trying to prevent 13 hostile lands to take down Rome.

The graphics are very outdated, to say the least, with numbers and letters showing the strategy action on screen. However, this doesn’t mean that the game isn’t worth playing, as there’s a lot of depth behind the ugly facade.

Official website

Last but not least, Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper, developed by Probe Software Ltd. and published by GO! Media Holdings Ltd. in 1987, is an action-packed sci-fi platformer about a commander of an Earth ship who has to find stolen missile plans on an alien planet.

Of course the aliens or creatures aren’t particularly friendly, so one has to fight one’s way from one computer terminal to the next, as they are the only way to get to the plans and escape from the planet after one’s ship with all its crew has blown up. Suffice it to say that having only 90 seconds to reach a terminal complicates matters, too.

All 8 games are now available DRM-free on GOG with individual launch discounts that last until December 6, 2022, at 2 PM UTC.

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