GOG releases 6 games from Freedom Games

6 titles from publisher Freedom Games arrive on GOG and offer various genre experiences.

Airborne Kingdom by The Wandering Band LLC from March 2022 is a city builder that literally takes the concept to the sky, as one does all the management and construction work high above the clouds.

The floating metropolis stands for the dream of uniting all nations of the world, so one has to reconnect them by expanding the legendary city’s influence and constantly improve its infrastructure.

Official website

Dreamscaper by Afterburner Studios from August 2021 is an action roguelike that uses a waking/dreaming concept to interesting effect, as one dives into protagonist Cassidy’s own subconscious to hunt down nightmares, while walking through the streets of Redhaven during the day helps staying sane with new relationships.

What all this boils down to is that one fights against enemies that represent isolation, fear, negativity, loss, etc.. This isn’t done by talking, but some tough combat sequences which can turn out successful if one uses the right weapons, even if it means throwing a yoyo into someone’s face.

Official website

The influences of Coromon by TRAGsoft from March 2022 are clear to see: the Pokémon franchise. There’s no way around this, as one captures and builds a team of over 100 creatures, each with their individual talents.

Training them and fighting an evil alien threat is at the core of the experience, and everything else is some pixel art-heavy throwback to the good old handheld days of JRPGs.

Official website

Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga by Dancing Dragon Games from June 2022 harks back to classic turn-based strategy JRPGs in both presentation and gameplay, as one leads a squad-based army through a long campaign and levels up along the way.

With more than 50 unit classes, different strategies to win are a given, as a group of graduates of the Imperial War Academy are tasked to contain a rebellion.

Official website

Dark Deity: Complete Edition by Sword & Axe LLC from June 2021 is another turn-based strategy JRPG and includes the main game, the Suns Out, Swords Out DLC, digital artbook and soundtrack.

What keeps the player going aren’t necessarily the battles, but how the party members interact with each other. Being a JRPG, it’s obvious that a lot of melodrama is involved in the tale about (again) students from a military army who face their destinies.

Official website

Cat Cafe Manager by Roost Games from April 2022 is probably my personal favorite of the new games because of my love for cats (not coffee or cafés).

What starts out to be a cute way of adopting and helping out stray cats soon turns into a life and business simulation, because one befriends locals and tries to run a café by giving the customers what they need. Cats can also be leveled up, which is as cool as a game can get in my animal book.

Official website

All 6 games are now available DRM-free on GOG with individual launch discounts that last until tomorrow, December 9, 2022, at 2 PM UTC.

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