New additions to the media collection in November 2022

The media collection grew quite considerably in November 2022 with various movies, TV shows and books.

Being a subscriber of these lovely UK mags always means some nice exclusive covers (if they arrive), but a calendar for 2022 with Street Fighter 6 artwork is welcome as well.

Revisiting classic adventure games or other retro titles is always a joy, even if it means a lot of frustration in Sierra titles.

Despite not being a fan of everything 80ies, these VHS covers were pretty cool for discovering new titles. It’s too bad that sometimes the descriptions on the back were marred by stickers.

After having reviewed the movie, this mix of artbook and notebook is an interesting addition to it, even though I’m still more of a fan of the original books.

The POP Classics book series is a favorite of mine, as it usually covers some great movies with even greater drawings.

I didn’t particularly like the TV show (see the Amazon Prime Video watchlist: April 2020 article), but I think I’ll give the comics another chance. The Boy 1 comic was a freebie that was part of this big package, BTW.

You can’t beat schlocky comics and covers like this one.

Funko POP’s card and board games based on movies or videogames have become more and more numerous, but they are really lovely to look at… and hopefully to play, too.

Starting with the newest movie additions in individual categories, we first have another modern interpretation of a classic action TV show.

I have to admit that I watched many Bruce Lee movies during my childhood, but somehow never came around buying them, so here’s a first.

What better way to start the 4K upgrades than with the classic Indiana Jones trilogy (or was there a fourth one?), especially if it’s such a lovely collector’s edition.

It’s been ages since I watched this comedy and I don’t remember much of it, but the cast is pretty cool.

A very child-friendly fantasy movie and one that leans more towards horror.

Being a big fan of the Uncharted games, my expectations are both high and low, but then again I’ve seen so many game adaptations that were deemed bad and were actually quite entertaining.

Surprisingly, only one horror flick made it to the collection, and it’s a comedy… with the voice actor of Frozen‘s Olaf!

Another movie collection I had to have in 4K, because I can never stop watching all three titles.

More comedy than sci-fi, but it’s for nostalgia reasons.

Of course I had to get my fix for horror movies elsewhere, and 88 Films has some pretty weird stuff here.

The company keeps on releasing Asian flicks in some luscious collector’s editions.

101 Films’ Black Label collection includes strange movies.

101 Films’ Cult Collection provides fun 80ies action.

Vestron Videos’ Collector’s Series is another great way to watch forgotten cult flicks.

3D isn’t dead yet, even though the quality of some movies varies.

After all these movies, TV shows are coming up next, with ALF being a childhood favorite I finally decided to buy now.

Who would have thought there was another Blade interpretation than with Wesley Snipes?

Ah, the 90ies with their cartoon culture based on videogames!

Not really for children, but I’m looking forward to the Chucky series after having watched Chucky 1-7. I enjoyed the latest The Suicide Squad and the Peacemaker character was a blast, so this was a no-brainer. Despite not having fond memories of Season 2, I still prefer the physical over the digital versions of Doom Patrol (see Amazon Prime Video watchlist: May 2020 and Amazon Prime Video watchlist: December 2020).

Last month wasn’t even Christmas, but it felt like it. With our son Sebastian born and him taking up most of the time, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to watch any of the movies or TV shows, but maybe reading will be possible… if gaming isn’t.

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