New additions to the media collection in December 2022

Last month’s new entries to the media collection weren’t all Christmas presents (see Happy Christmas 2022), but quite a few others, including many movies, boardgames, books, and comics.

These were St. Nicholas presents my wife and me exchanged, which are really fun, if rather different in presentation (Gremlins is surprisingly gory).

These were some amazing presents on Christmas Day (or rather around midnight), and the following two books were for my birthday and Christmas Eve. Guess which one I chose for my b-day… They’re both awesome and just show that Bitmap Books does a great job of keeping retro gaming alive.

This also holds true for this pixel art soccer poster which I liked despite not caring very much for the sport.

The Rick & Morty book was intended to be an anniversary gift for me, but it somehow ended up being added to the collection on its own.

Hayao Miyazaki isn’t only known for his many Studio Ghibli movies, but also mangas or graphic novels, one of which has now finally been translated after being published in the 80ies.

The The Boys collection is complete.

Marvel comics based on Disneyland theme park attractions? A no-brainer.

Speaking of Marvel: Despite not being a fanboy of either the movies or comics, this pyjama set was quite nice and cheap. I’ll probably wear it when spending a vacation at the Marvel hotel in Disneyland Paris.

One can never be old enough for LEGO… or Back to the Future.

Here we go with a rather big order from Amazon USA (or UK) featuring all sorts of cool movie-based board games I won’t get in Germany.

It’s time again for more BDs… and 4K, too! Starting with action flicks…

Next: a really cool adventure movie based on the Disneyland theme park ride I already enjoyed on Disney+ in January 2022, but now hopefully without any sound problems I had during streaming.

You can’t beat the classics, or can you (at least with the Tom & Jerry movie I’m not so sure of)?

A beautiful media book for a beautiful-looking animated movie.

It’s time for a big upgrade with these 4K Disney movies from Amazon UK which somehow aren’t available in Germany (and if they are, they’re way too expensive).

The quality of Pixar movies has dropped dramatically, but Luca was quite good when I watched it on Disney+ in January 2022.

With some stressful times and less than stellar weather, feel good comedies are always welcome… and the 4K upgrades of Elf and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation are pretty great, too.

The three Look Who’s Talking movies are obviously not part of the HD revolution and I almost forgot about them when I watched them back in the 90ies. However, as a parent now… it was an even weirder if rather fun experience than I imagined it to be. Speaking of weird… Jojo Rabbit was a movie I had to upgrade, as I found it to be one of Taika Waititi’s best… and in general a highly recommended mix of drama and comedy.

While I find the new Marvel movies overrated and sometimes even boring, the X-Men titles are still my favorites and the 4K update should make them even better.

Some classic dramas I still have to experience myself.

This classic arrived a bit too late for Halloween, but will be on time for 2023.

Free Guy was great fun on Disney+ in October 2021, but a physical form is always the preferred version. I don’t expect much from this fan-made project, but we’ll see.

Halloween again can’t come soon enough with titles like these.

As always, Arrow Video delivers with weird stuff.

But the company really outdid themselves with this comprehensive and beautiful Asian cinema collection that reads like a book… and even includes soundtracks.

88 Films aren’t too shabby, either, with their crazy output.

There might even be a movie that could become a December classic.

Whoever came up with such a title for a zombie flick?

101 Films has some cool releases, too, as the Halloween 2017 Movie Special, Day 6: “Monster Man” attests.

Who knows if there won’t be a special Christmas movie week feature in 2023? It’s also cool to have come across Earth Girls Are Easy, a movie I watched so many years ago on TV when I was very very young. This is what I love about collecting movies, as it also means collecting memories or revisiting classics as strange as they might be.

A thriller or adventure movie from The Exorcist filmmaker Friedkin seems to be an offer one can’t refuse.

While I already own Jivaro, this 3D collection was a must-have, because Sangaree was out of print and the 3 movies cost as much as one.

It’s only fitting to have a Christmas 3D movie at the end of this overview.

December 2022 was certainly an expensive month and one that was full with 4K upgrades. So now the question is: Will this continue in 2023… and where should I put the standard BDs?

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