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Milestone reached: Wedding reception

The end of the pandemic is still very far away, but yesterday we were lucky enough to have our late wedding reception with a small circle of people. It’s a crazy and difficult time to get married with the current … Continue reading

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Blogging 2016 overview

Half of this year’s already over, but one shouldn’t break with traditions despite the highs and lows of blogging as seen in the overview of blog life in February 2017 and instead carry over the blogging 2015 overview template and … Continue reading

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Baking: Carbonite chocolate Han Solo + Chocolate Lego stormtrooper

After having such a long period of gaming news, it’s time again for some baking, with a carbonite chocolate Han Solo and chocolate Lego stormtrooper. Did you remember those over-the-top cakes by Ann Reardon’s How to Cook That? The Star … Continue reading

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Baking: Star Wars Millennium Falcon cake + Chocolate Chewbacca

If you’re not into gaming-related baking, but a big fan of Star Wars (or know someone who is), then the Star Wars Millennium Falcon cake and Chocolate Chewbacca will definitely scratch that itch or craving for sweet fandom. While the … Continue reading

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Baking: 3D Minecraft Fondant Birthday + Epic Minecraft Village cakes

If you thought The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 had some sugar fluffy-coated visuals that couldn’t quite match the epic story, then just bake yourself a 3D Minecraft Fondant Birthday or Epic Minecraft Village cake. Being the third article this … Continue reading

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