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Milestone reached: Booster vaccination

It was again time for some vaccination against COVID, but with mixed booster results. After my first and second Coronavirus vaccination in 2021 already showed that the shots shouldn’t be taken lightly, I had my booster shot yesterday on February 18, … Continue reading

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Overview of (blog) life in August 2021

August 2021 was full of life, blogging and theme park stories, but also lots of game news and even a review. Both life milestones followed shortly after the other: Milestone reached: Honeymoon in Disneyland ParisMilestone reached: Second Coronavirus vaccination While … Continue reading

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Milestone reached: Second Coronavirus vaccination

With my second COVID-19 vaccination shot, things should become a bit simpler and safer in the near future. One month ago I received my first Coronavirus vaccination and while it was a bit too late for the Disneyland Paris honeymoon trip, at … Continue reading

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Milestone reached: Honeymoon in Disneyland Paris

Despite the Coronavirus situation, we managed to have a really great time during our 3-days honeymoon trip to Disneyland Paris. After the wedding reception went quite smoothly, only a few days later we had our honeymoon in Disneyland Paris from July … Continue reading

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Milestone reached: Wedding reception

The end of the pandemic is still very far away, but yesterday we were lucky enough to have our late wedding reception with a small circle of people. It’s a crazy and difficult time to get married with the current … Continue reading

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