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New additions to the media collection in August 2017

It’s time to have a look back at what August had in store for putting on shelves and be excited about to collect. As always, it’s best to start with something that is familiar, and it’s of course Games TM … Continue reading

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Netflix watchlist: August 2017

Movie and TV show reviews are rare in these digital pages, but thanks to Netflix, they come in small doses, as there was quite a lot to like (and dislike) in August. I usually prefer watching movies on BD due … Continue reading

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Overview of (blog) life in August 2017

August was a busy time for collecting, mostly gaming, but also a fair bit of watching movies, TV shows and other surprises. The overview of (blog) life in July 2017 was quite late due to so many release news, but … Continue reading

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Happy 7 years WordPress anniversary

7 years is a long time for everything, but keeping up with daily blogging is even harder. With Gamescom now over and me trying to recover after a stressful week, I thought a short article would be best in order … Continue reading

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Netflix watchlist: July 2017

Last month wasn’t only spent in front of the PC screen, as Netflix had quite a few good movies and TV shows on offer. I felt in the lighthearted mood to watch a couple of crazy comedies, most involving African … Continue reading

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