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THE BROTHERHOOD‘s isometric sci-fi adventure game BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION shows that one doesn’t need RPG mechanics to create a believable post-apocalyptic atmosphere. It’s already been five years since I reviewed the development team’s dark and rather gruesome sci-fi adventure STASIS and … Continue reading

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Epic Games Store free games: “Into The Breach” and many more games on a daily basis

Epic Games Store has started giving away presents even before Christmas, and the first one is Subset Games‘ turn-based sci-fi strategy game Into The Breach. The game was made by those who developed FTL: Faster Than Light (see my review), … Continue reading

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Game release: “Blazing Chrome” (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

JoyMasher and The Arcade Crew deliver an explosive mix of classic run-and-gun fun with Blazing Chrome. Indie games are ripe with nostalgia, and this game is probably the best example, which isn’t a bad thing. Clearly inspired by the Contra … Continue reading

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Reasons for writing and not writing

It’s been some time… Or so it begins if you want to pick up where you left off. Usually this first sentence is followed by an excuse of why it is that you haven’t been in touch with whomever or … Continue reading

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“Encouraging Thunder” Blogger Award

Thanks to fellow blogger Raymond, I’m really happy to receive the Encouraging Thunder Blogger Award. In a (multimedia) world full of awards, award ceremonies and other means to push certain games, movies, actors’/actresses’ careers, etc., it’s nice to be given … Continue reading

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