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Reasons for writing and not writing

It’s been some time… Or so it begins if you want to pick up where you left off. Usually this first sentence is followed by an excuse of why it is that you haven’t been in touch with whomever or … Continue reading

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“Encouraging Thunder” Blogger Award

Thanks to fellow blogger Raymond, I’m really happy to receive the Encouraging Thunder Blogger Award. In a (multimedia) world full of awards, award ceremonies and other means to push certain games, movies, actors’/actresses’ careers, etc., it’s nice to be given … Continue reading

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An adventure game come alive on stage: machina eX’s “15.000 Gray”

Discrepancies in art and play Theatre and gaming seem to be two different parts which usually won’t fit. General opinion would like you to believe that the former is non-interactive, the latter interactive, the one monologic, the other dialogic. An … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on the Connecticut Massacre

I heard about it shortly before putting the Siren: Blood Curse review online. Of course I was thinking to myself if it would be the right time to discuss a game which is based on another real massacre. But then … Continue reading

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The shortness, informativeness and uselessness of reviews

You don’t know what you talk/write about Having written for quite some while for a German adventure games website, then in irregular instances for this blog here, I kind of got to the point in questioning what use reviews have … Continue reading

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