New CRYENGINE trailers: Licensee + Tech Showcase

I usually reserve this space to write reviews or news about recent releases. But of course when one talks about games, one can’t deny the importance of the engines driving them. Crytek, well-known for their FPS games, is certainly a driving force showcasing the power of their CRYENGINE in these new trailers.


Fresh from the GDC, the first trailer exemplifies what some games being in development are capable of, and it’s not only the graphical fidelity that’s impressive, but also how it is used for different genres by various companies. Highlights are certainly Civilization Online, Rolling Sun, Wander, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, and Legend of Yulong.

It’s amazing that this engine looks just as great in shooters as it does in RPGs and strategy titles, while having a Sonic game is also an interesting move, even if it doesn’t look much different from other titles so far.


If you want to get more tech-y, then this trailer is for you, explaining the CRYENGINE in more detail, e.g. what it can achieve from the get-go:

What is most awe-inspiring are not only the facial expressions, but how physics work (seeing that ship torn apart is really quite something to behold), It certainly comes very close to what one sees in blockbuster cinema. But then again it’s CRYTEK we’re talking about, and they’ve always done things a bit more graphically-mindblowing… than storytelling-wise. The change of weather and the day/night cycle is something else entirely, opening up all sorts of interesting ways to player immersion and above all else atmosphere.


So if these trailers prove anything, then it’s to soon upgrade your PC or hope that the console versions come close to what’s on display here. At least the PS4 and XBox One still have to show their graphical muscles to convince modern gamers that next-gen is truly here.

Official CRYENGINE Website

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