Game release: “Layers of Fear” (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

The discussion about games being art has been going on for a while, but games about artists are still rare, and with Bloober Team‘s horror exploration title Layers of Fear, the result can be quite frightening and good.

Survival horror and exploration games have been very popular lately, but none have made such a terrifying impression as this game. Playing as an insane artist who wants to finish his masterpiece but struggles with his past and inner demons isn’t necessarily new in literature and cinema, but in the world of gaming, this concept could work even better, especially when one has to go through an ever-changing Victorian mansion.

One shouldn’t expect any difficult puzzles, fighting enemies or running away from them. While it’s rather reminiscent of Amnesia: The Dark Descent in the setting, the graphics are miles ahead of it. This might require a fast PC, but it’s worth it, as far as the trailer and screenshots tell. If the story can also deliver and doesn’t end up as just another murder mystery with a dark family secret, this would also be nice.

Even if the game might not offer much freedom in gameplay, walking through the creepy mansion with disgusting paintings and everything peeling away, falling apart, this might still be enough to warrant a playthrough if one has the stomach and nerves for it. It certainly looks less jumpscares-heavy, relying more on a foreboding atmosphere.

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