Funny videos: Rémi Gaillard’s “Tetris”, “Pac-Man”, “Mario Kart” + “Sonic”

I always have a soft spot for people doing crazy game-related things in real life, so learning about French comedian Rémi Gaillard‘s take on gaming’s most popular icons was a revelation.


The first video shows Rémi and some of his co-comedians in geometrical shapes known from the well-known puzzler Tetris, trying to form one or more lines. It’s as crazy as it sounds, because finding places/objects one can connect with, no matter if there are people obstructing them, isn’t always easy.

The second video is an ingenious example of what would happen if one dressed up as the yellow slice of pizza-inspired Pac-Man and ran around various locations where he’s not only chased by his partners in ghost costumes, but has to evade regular customers and security in shops as well.

The third video shows Rémi driving around as Mario with a real kart and doing what one mostly does in these arcade fun racers: speeding, evading other cars and throwing bananas. The feared shells might be missing (as seen in D-Piddy’s Luigi’s Death Stare video), but it’s still a great video to watch.

Finally, there’s a real life interpretation of Sega’s mascot Sonic, the blue hedgehog who’s so fast not even the police can catch him. This one is the weirdest, but also most creative one, especially with the surprise (and offensive) ending, mixing another well-known character with the platformer icon. It also shows that the authorities aren’t a big fan of Rémi’s work.

If you’re interested in more of Gaillard’s work (of which I’ll definitely cover more soon), check out his YouTube channel.

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