Game release: “Zenith” (PC)

Most RPGs take themselves very seriously, but there are a few, like Infinigon’s action-RPG Zenith, that have a much more lighthearted approach.

Some might think that action-RPGs are less strategic than their turn-based high fantasy counterparts, but if the epic stories and characters aren’t always on par with a Baldur’s Gate II, then it’s okay to simply enjoy the company of some more down-to-earth people like Argus Windell, a former wizard and arcanologyst who simply doesn’t want that whole prophecy chosen-one bravado and who’d rather spend his time in less stressful situations. But of course when the apocalypse calls, everyone has to join the party if they want to or not.

Self-referential humor, a protagonist who doesn’t take anything or anyone seriously, a world full of fantasy stereotypes, but also pop culture references make this parody quite a joyful journey through standard point-and-battle territory. Of course it’s questionable for how long this can hold anyone’s attention without getting too annoying, especially with the use of swearwords. But if it’s on the same level as the Fable series or Bard’s Tale and even has some subtle emotional elements as in Stories: The Path of Destinies, then this should be a pretty good time waster.

It also looks rather pretty with some very nice backgrounds, character animations and lighting effects, while the voice acting sounds convincing as well. Using special abilities and upgrading certain attributes is obviously what every action-RPG since Diablo has done, but this doesn’t mean it’s any less fun. The game is now available on PC with a 20% discount that will last until September 27, 3:59 PM UTC, but it will also be released on PS4 and Xbox One in the near future.

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