Game release: “Stories: The Path of Destinies” (PC, PS4)

Fantasy action-RPGs are often fun but also a bit too serious, so does Spearhead Games‘ fairy-tale approach in Stories: The Path of Destinies work innovative wonders?

I’ve always liked action-RPGs, maybe even more so than traditional RPGs, since the first Diablo, but they always lacked a bit of character and story development (pun intended), even in Blizzard’s great sequel. This game is already a bit older (actually 4 months since its release date), but as with other games news I have to catch up with, this one shouldn’t be skipped or missed.

Playing as rogue fox Reynardo, it’s not simply about saving the world from a mad Emperor, winning the love of his daughter, or saving an old friend. It’s about decisions the player makes which change the course of the story, therefore changing the mood of romance, action, and even some Lovecraftian horror stories. This is a great concept, as it gives the action-RPG genre a much-needed push in the tell/play-your-own-story direction.

Even with some dark undertones, the game has colorful, beautifully hand-drawn environments to traverse, reminiscent of the Fable games. Great voice acting with a narrator who comments on the player’s actions (not unlike Bastion, but with a fairy-tale touch) and atmospheric music that changes according to the stories are also a nice touch, while the combat looks as much frantic fun as the best of the genre. It’s telling that an artbook and soundtrack was released later for those who enjoy diving deeper into the lore of a fantastic world that is surprisingly more original than the standard fantasy fare.

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