Game release: “The 7th Guest: 25th Anniversary Edition” (PC,iOS)

Trilobyte Games and Mojo Touch bring classic FMV puzzling back with horror adventure game The 7th Guest: 25th Anniversary Edition.

FMV games don’t come any cheesier than the tale of toy maker Henry Stauf who invited six guests to his mansion that never made it out, with the seventh trying to solve his devious puzzles years after. The haunted mansion setting makes for some creepy scenes, and while acting and production values aren’t that convincing anymore, the atmosphere is still great. I already reviewed the original 90ies game, and even if the gameplay was very frustrating at times, the title is fondly remembered.

Mojo Touch is known for its mobile remasters, but they’ve always been something of a mixed bag, as could be seen with Simon the Sorcerer: 25th Anniversary Edition and Simon the Sorcerer II: 25th Anniversary Edition. However, as there isn’t any pixel art, problems with washed out characters and backgrounds shouldn’t be much of a problem here. Any helpful adjustments to the controls and some help in the puzzle department should be welcome, too. After the 20th Anniversary Edition was released on the Google Play store for Android, the newest version offers even more features and enhancements.

New controls include the option of hotspots, skipping scenes, a new map and keyboard/mouse shortcuts, while there are new game menus and save/load systems. Even more interesting are three music options: the remastered orchestral score or the original soundtrack in high quality Midi recording or Adlib. Then there’s improved voice acting audio with optional subtitles and high-end graphics upscaling for high-resolution displays. If one still needs to feel nostalgia, then it’s possible to play with original graphics, music and controls, too. For those who want to dive deeper behind the scenes, lots of extras are available as well: a making of featurette, 19 deleted scenes and 34 deleted audio parts, the soundtrack with 36 tracks, even the The 7th Guest novel with 157 pages, the original script with 104 pages, a ‘The Stauf Files’ booklet with 20 pages, and the original game manual with 41 pages. If the reading material isn’t enough, then there’s the Legacy Edition as DLC, although this original untouched version only has English voice acting.

The game is now available for PC and iOS, with the former having a 15% launch discount that will last until April 9th, 5pm UTC. Whoever already owns the original 7th Guest can have a 66% discount until April 9th, 5 PM UTC, and 60% afterwards.

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