New additions to the media collection in July 2019

July 2019 was yet another big month for collecting all sorts of games, movies, and more.

Surprisingly the Edge magazines arrived both on time and as replacements, with the latest issue featuring a pretty cool E3 feature that showed how many games you would NOT be able to play for a while due to time management.

Whatever happened to My Favourite Magazine’s strange delivery problems, as the Retrogamer also made it almost on time? I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on those Konami stickers and booklet.

The LEGO Star Wars mag was again late to the release party, maybe better luck next/this month? And maybe another ship they didn’t feature before? Still, can’t go wrong with the Millenium Falcon.

Stickers and card games can’t come any cooler than with Star Wars.

Oh yes, the game of collecting Burger King Kid’s Menu specials hasn’t stopped just yet, as these cute Pets 2 toys could attest.

Finally I can call the Back to the Future Ultimate Visual Guide my own. Even if I haven’t unwrapped it yet, it will be treasured for a very long time, because it’s one of my favorite movies ever.

After having watched both seasons of Haters Back Off! in May 2019 and Miranda Sings! Live in July 2019, I had to get these two books…

… plus the one by her sister.

It’s going to be a great VR time with these titles.

Amazing to think that it has only been a year since I saw this at Gamescom 2018 with my press appointments and it costs a tenner.

A little bit more money, but not much, considering how many goodies one can find in this metroidvania retail version.

However, this edition is nothing compared to what Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry has to offer: more than one would actually want to have in a big box, but in a time when it’s nearly impossible to even get a good manual, the publisher should be commended for this set.

Back to the 80ies with some movies of acquired taste.

The same holds true for Arrow Video, a label that is known for great artwork and some cult classics.

There’s actually a story behind The Melting Man which was a replacement of the damaged case I added to the media collection in June 2019: It was obviously 0 EUR/GBP, which was so confusing for the duties office that I had to drive all the way to them and explain that it was originally a 2 for 1 offer (so 17.99 EUR for both two titles and that this just didn’t cost anything. To make a long story short: I spent more fuel money… Hopefully this won’t happen with any other Zavvi orders in the future.

If you thought time travel movies with medieval/modern settings can’t be art, then you have to watch The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey, a pretty unique and bleak experience.

More Edgar Allen Poe adaptations and some more weird stuff with courtesy of Arrow Video.

It’s action movie time.

Not sure if the term “adventure” fits The Dark Tower, but fantasy or horror might not justify it, either. Maybe one of the worst King adaptations (although I haven’t read the books), but still an entertaining flick nonetheless.

Something for children or for adults as well?

Outrageous comedy that shows the German age certificate system doesn’t work at all: First The Bronze that was accidentally rated 6+ despite its obvious crude humor, then The House which has a surprising amount of gore and is more violent than a Scorsese movie, and finally Chips which has a severed head and various fingers that are shot off. Oh well, there’s still French Kiss that is suitable for minors.

Search Party might not be as good as any of the Hangover movies, but it’s still quite fun, while Super Troopers 2 is another example why the Broken Lizard team are still one of the best comedy groups around. Super Cops proves that French cinema can be funny, although highly predictable, too, with a running time that is way too long.

I’m not quite sure what to make of the Kingsman sequel. It obviously doesn’t have Samuel L. Jackson with a speech impediment, but it does have Elton John in a particularly ridiculous role. And maybe ridiculous sums it all up best. Over-the-top action and violence, but with a main hero who’s just too annoying to watch. Hopefully the next instalment will have a different one.

It’s been some time since I watched Sleepless in Seattle and while I don’t think it’s the best romantic movie ever made, it comes pretty close with all the drama and some humor thrown into the mix.

Fantasy drama, anyone?

The best videogame adaptation ever? I doubt it, although it looks fun.

More horror with some comedy, too, and if the WolfCop sequel is anything like the original, it should be a guilty pleasure splatter treat.

Some very different music movies, with Anna and the Apocalypse being a great mix of Christmas high-school music and splatter zombie comedy horror. Rock of Ages was surprisingly cool, too, even for someone who doesn’t like musicals. But then again it’s the 80ies…

A mix of sci-fi, horror, and comedy? Count me in.

Last but not least, a bunch of thrillers, including the still suspenseful and surprising The Game.

All in all, it was another more or less expensive month for collecting, but with new shelves on the wall and in the hallway…

… there is still room for more…

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